139 | Get the Gig – Speaker Series 2 of 3 with Chris Brogan

Chris BroganTaking the stage is a great way to promote your business and claim your authority. You can do it at local events or your next step might be national events or perhaps you are ready to get paid. Discover the insider secrets with today’s guest, Chris Brogan. Chris is a powerful and entertaining speaker. He shares what he has learned in his many years of getting paid well for speaking to corporations and even a 6th grade class too.

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Target Audience: Chris is the CEO of Owner Media Group people that helps entrepreneurs who be more human at a distance.

Most people who come to Chris for guidance feel they don’t have enough people out there who care or respect their message and they are trying all sorts of ways to get in front of them. They are fearful of really putting themselves out there because they fear someone will take their ‘stuff.’ While this is true, it’s also the highest form of a compliment at the same time. Chris says to fearlessly put your ideas out there and make sure people hear it. They will then want you to share it on a bigger platform.

Another common theme Chris has observed is that people tend to want speak where it may not necessarily be beneficial- for example lots of people want to be on TED talks. This platform is not about business but about sharing. Chris advises us to make youtube videos of your speeches. Show what you could potentially bring to the audience. In other words- create your own audition! You don’t have to wait for anyone!

People wait to be an authority on something and you don’t have to be. Believe that your message is important. Develop and utilize that mindset which will transfer into your tone and demeanor. Practice your speeches and avoid saying “ummmm, “uhhhhh,” and “you know” all the time. Record yourself on your phone, your laptop- whever. The more you practice, the less self conscious you’ll feel!

If you want to establish yourself as a great speaker you simply cannot be all things to everyone. Have a strong and persistent viewpoint. People go wrong when they switch their message for “everyone.” This serves no one! A specific message that is articulated well is the name of the game.

Additionally, be aware that no one cares what you know about until they know that you care. People want to know you are there for them and not for your dopey ego. Check out Chris’s book: The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth which talks about entrepreneurship for weirdos for misfits and world dominators. Also be sure to look into Trust Agents which focuses on how to be human at a distance.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to be more human at a distance
  • How to practice your speeches
  • How to make your message specific
  • Why you can’t be all things to everyone
  • Why you’ve got to put yourself out there
  • How to be of true service to your audience

Practical and Actionable:

Start here: What are 200 words or less that would sum up your speech? What’s the title that would grab attention? Then put together a slide deck and speak into your video and practice. Put it on YouTube, write a blog post around it and publish it. Get your feedback from others.

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