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Finding Your Ideal Client – Avoid These 3 Mistakes

One of the most common terms heard in any marketing training or strategy is the notion of the “ideal client.” Discovering this essential part of your business is powerful yet often overlooked exercise. Who is this for? If you want more quality leads for your business, this is a must read. It even applies to […]

Small Business is not a Target Market

This post is NOT for those that work at Walmart, Coke, Fedex, Microsoft or anyone else that has the budgets, resources and opportunities available to “BIG” business. It is for small businesses that have limited budgets, strained resources and in general less than 1000 employees (but usually WAY smaller). This post is for the small […]

Creating Passive Income with Your Skills and Experience

If you’re reading this it’s because you value Passive income over Active income. You are an entrepreneur who’s not interested in getting paid by the hour. You believe in creating value and a system that works for you, not the other way around. You may very well know that you want this. But, have you […]

Start With Vision

Last Tuesday, I kicked off my Leaders in the Trenches program with 7 inspiring individuals. Some of the areas we are focusing on are identifying their target market and ideal clients so that they can build the business of their dreams. I’m having so much fun with this especially because I am getting the opportunity […]

The First Step to Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is a joy and peace to staying in your comfort zone. The comfort zone is safe. The comfort zone is “home” to us. We want the predictability that comes with being in our comfort zone. And we will fight anything that threatens to move us out of it. However, many people get stuck in […]