024 Tim Paige | Know Your Customers’ Pain Better Than They Know It

Tim PaigeThe title says it all. Know your customers’ pain better than they know it. It is a simple and practical sentence but many businesses don’t really get this concept. I am sure many will argue with me that they know their customers, and you do to a certain level. However, the more in-tune you are with their pain, the more you will discover the reasons they are compelled to hire you. Tim is “The Conversion Educator” for Leadpages.net, and he shares with you some practical tips to help you improve your conversions.

Yes, we briefly discuss the company Tim works with because it is a tool set that solves a specific pain and because they understand their customers, Leadpages.net has been very successful.

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Tim’s Target Audience:  As “The Conversion Educator” at Leadpages.net, Tim’s target market is entrepreneurs and biz owners who want to create data-driven marketing materials. He and co-founder Clay Collins are considered the marketing leaders in conversions.

Tim Paige is well-known in the online marketing world; he’s deftly taken his sales background and passion for psychology and dovetailed both into creating the uber-successful LeadPages. LeadPages is THE go-to spot for anyone in the online world who wants to simplify their marketing efforts, while still maintaining a high level of data collection.

Tim is also the force behind ConversionCast, a podcast devoted to conversations with people from all walks of the internet marketing world including online marketing companies, software companies and market leaders like Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas.

Tim’s early career days began in the field of journalism in college, until he realized he didn’t enjoy writing! Very quickly he moved into the sales sector and developed his sales aptitude in a wide variety of industries. He was the sales person who booked his bands’ gigs; he spent time in both the network marketing and direct sales industries and also ran a very large sales-focused call center.

Together with his sales expertise and Clay’s marketing guru status and software passion, they joined forces to develop LeadPages. Though not in a small niche by any stretch, LeadPages fulfills a specific need for a specific group of people. By doing so, they have become the market leader in their niche.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Which of three approaches did LeadPages settle on that doubled their already-successful business each month for two months straight?
  • What built their philosophy of conversion optimization?
  • His thoughts on why people are not getting leads and not getting sign-ups.
  • John Lee Dumas’ avatar: how you can create the same for your business and why you should.
  • Tim’s hobby business: the lesson in niching it will teach you.
  • How you can become the go-to person who solves problems for your niche.
  • The necessity of defining who your customers are.
  • How to acquire people’s email addresses and build your list, according to Tim.

Practical & Actionable (at 34:30):

Tim’s practical and actionable tip for getting yourself out of the trenches is quite simple: Know your customers’ pain better than they know it. And then tell them how to solve it.

That’s it!


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