031 Dominic Sicotte | Turning Customers Into a Community is a Powerful Strategy

Dominic SicotteEstablished businesses have customers by default, but if you want to turn those customers in to raving fans then understanding the key elements of community will help you.  Dominic Sicotte has started many businesses with the idea of “community” to support the overall growth of the business.  Discover what is meant by community and see how Dominic continues building businesses with this powerful strategy. Dominic has more than 800 people in his wine community and they give him insights to his marketing and how he can serve them too.

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Dominic’s Target Audience:  Dominic’s target market is executives who are passionate about wine and are on LinkedIn. He’s created a thriving community there, which he continues to serve and grow.

TWEET THIS: "You can niche and go after the clients you really want to do business with." Dominic Sicotte 

Dominic is a self-proclaimed mediapreneur who excels at creating community within his target market. Whether he is sending someone their favorite bottle of wine or throwing a party so his people can meet in person, Dominic knows exactly how to create a lasting personal touch with his audience – and that has been key to his success.

He is a firm believer in practicing what he preaches. Anything he tells his clients to build, he has built himself by being in the trenches and discovering what doesn’t work, what works and implementing.

TWEET THIS: "The emotional link you are building with your audience is just amazing.” Dominic Sicotte

Having owned multiple successful businesses in the past and worked with over 200 CEOs, Dominic is currently heavily involved in growing his online wine community, Quebec Wine on LinkedIn.

Previously he had built a successful financial community with RoadShows.tv. On RoadShows,  he and his team worked with CEOs and the financial community to provide full disclosure to give an accurate and thorough picture on a company they may be interested in investing in.

Though he sold RoadShows.tv to an investor, he has taken the connections and valuable lessons of community he learned and brought it into his current businesses.

TWEET THIS: "It's great to build a community online but always think of ways to bring that community offline." Dominic Sicotte

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The necessity and importance of community for everyone.
  • How he has bolstered every business he has run.
  • How creating a community brings you real-time info on your target market.
  • Can you use Facebook for business? His real-life example.
  • The powerful impact of listening and building community in growing your clients.
  • If you are in the trenches, where can you create community for your business? Dominic answers.
  • Why she is so transparent about her mistakes and her successes in her business.
  • Why it’s not always about what you should say but about how you should listen.
TWEET THIS: "Connect in a more personal way with your clients, that's where you will be different." Dominic Sicotte

Practical & Actionable (at [27:58]):

Dominic’s practical and actionable advice has two parts. First, when you create your community, engage with them personally and get them offline. He gives a great example of this: he throws parties on a regular basis for his community. It’s not just a Chamber of Commerce-type mixer, it’s an actual party including a band playing live music.

Second, be sure you listen to what your community is saying so you can serve them. Whether it be that really unique gift or maybe just a new service that addresses a pain they really have, if you are listening you will hear how to serve them. And that will set you apart from the other businesses in the marketplace who are doing what you do. So get connected in person and listen to your community!


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