065 Gene Hammett with Jared Easley and Kimanzi Constable | Work Hard Play Hard Summit in Maui – Part 3

Gene Hammett with Jared Easley and Kimanzi ConstableMost conferences are usually structured the same. We walk way with tons of useful information, but rarely do we build lasting friends or more importantly, transform our businesses because of attending these events. Think back on the last conference you attended…what have you applied to your business? How about the stack of business cards you collected there that just sits on your desk?
Well, the 3 of us understand, so Jared Easley (Host of Starve the Doubts) and Kimanzi Constable (Author of “Are You Living or Just Existing?”) and I created a new and different kind of conference. Discover more about the WORK HARD PLAY HARD SUMMIT here in this episode. We tell you all about the “work hard” part of this experience. Get an overview of this whole experience in Part 1 (on the Starve the Doubts podcast) and for Part 2, we discuss the “play hard” at KimanziConstable.com.

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Work Hard, Play Hard Audience: Our target market for the Work Hard, Play Hard Summit is entrepreneurs, business owners and budding business owners who want a non-traditional conference with a hot-seat mastermind format so they can learn from everyone else who is there.  

The Work Hard Play Hard Summit is being hosted by me, Kimanzi Constable and Jared Easley. And we’ve created an event unlike any other out there.

In this episode, which is the third in a three-part series, we share the work hard aspects as well as the play hard aspects of the event. We discuss details on how this event will benefit you, what you need to do to sign up and the why: we’ve got a top ten list of reasons all on this episode.

Joining me on this special edition of Leaders in the Trenches are my friends Jared Easley, fellow podcaster at Starve The Doubts and co-founder of Podcast Movement and Kimanzi Constable, author and international keynote speaker.

We’ve come together to create the Work Hard Play Hard summit as a way for you to move forward in your business in just three short but life-changing days. All of us are veterans of various events, conferences and gatherings so we know the value in networking and connecting; but we wanted to make something special, something that will alter the course of your business and your life.

And now the top ten reasons you should attend the Work Hard Play Hard Summit.

10. Giving to others your own talents, experiences and perspectives so they can also grow.
9. Sharing of resources and tools that are working for you.
8. Growing your personal network with introductions from your friends.
7. Building deep relationships with other business owners and entrepreneurs.
6. Understanding your blind spots so you can address them.
5. Unsticking the beliefs that hold you back.
4. Implementing ideas on the spot before you leave the event.
3. Testing your ideas with a group in real time is the fastest way to validation.
2. Coaching moments with each of your hosts.
1. Participating in hot seats throughout the event to grow beyond your current thinking.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How many books did Kimanzi sell with his first self-published book on Amazon?
  • True or false: we’re going to karoake at this event.
  • Where will this event be held?
  • How did seeing a blind spot help one of us make an extra $4k a month?
  • What did Kimanzi do for 12 years before becoming an author?
  • True or false: Jared has interviewed Seth Godin.

Practical & Actionable:

When you go to the Work Hard Play Hard Summit website, sign and subscribe. Share the event using the hashtag #WHPHS.

Are you on the fence about this event? Reach out to us on Twitter and we’ll have a conversation to see if it’s right for you.

Really want to go but don’t have the finances right now? Go to the Work Hard Play Hard website and click on the link to apply for a free seat. We’ll reach out to you on Twitter and have a conversation about how you can make enough money to make this happen.

And get the full picture by listening to the first two parts of this series on Jared and Kimanzi’s websites; look for the links in the resources section below.


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