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Shannon GrahamA motivational speaker, self-help author and success mentor. He has helped countless individuals and businesses reach their goals through a wide range of effective, life-changing strategies. He invests his work with an unwavering dedication to the success of his students in various facets of their lives and careers.

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Shannon’s Target Audience: Shannon’s target market is young entrepreneurs who have a service-based business that serves people in some way through transformation, coaching, consultation and training.

Shannon was always interested in being an entrepreneur. He started his first business at the young age of 12. Staying true to form, he began his coaching business at the age of 21. He chose this business because of his background in success technology, marketing and peak performance.

Since he started his coaching business, he has been pushing forward. It just over ten years he’s become a motivational speaker, a self-help author and a success mentor, and helped a lot of individuals and businesses along the way.

TWEET THIS: "There is real magic in simplicity." Shannon Graham

In today’s show, Shannon talks about his service-based business and why he chose it over other types of businesses. He shares his experience as a coach and the techniques he uses. We also talk about blind spots, moral obligations and mindset challenges.

According to Shannon, a special technique for coaching and businesses is to be simple. There is real magic in simplicity. He says when your methods are simple, they can be applied to everything.

TWEET THIS: "When you get over yourself, the world opens up.” Shannon Graham

Shannon also explains about a term that he coined: The Guru Confusion. When we get into a business or industry, we normally listen to the experts in the industry. When we listen to a lot of influential experts, we either do all the things they say simultaneously or we get overwhelmed and don’t do anything. Either way we lose.

It is better to limit our business and serve only a select group of people. Narrowing down the people that we serve is always the best option.

TWEET THIS: "Serve those who can receive the highest benefit." Shannon Graham

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why Shannon picked service over a product-based market.
  • Real transformation: How books and seminars aren’t long-term solutions.
  • What is Shannon’s secret sauce in coaching?
  • Why keeping it simple in any business is the best idea.
  • His four steps to helping people as their coach.
  • Blind spots: The importance of an outside perspective.
  • The Guru Confusion: What is it and how do you solve it?
  • Why serving a select group of people is best.
  • Moral obligations: Serving who can benefit the highest and the reason for that.
  • What is the number one mindset challenge for growing a business?
TWEET THIS: "Bringing the human element back into business is crucial." Shannon Graham

Practical & Actionable:

Shannon says the most practical and actionable thing that you can do right now is to stop everything that you are doing unless you are absolutely getting the results that you want or something better than it.

If something is not working, then continuing to do what you are doing isn’t going to help. So, just stop and reflect on what you believe about yourself.


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