084 Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo | What does Sex have to do with Business?

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzoYes, I had to put the word SEX in the title.  In fact, this is a first here at Leaders in the Trenches.  Its the first time we have ever discussed sex and we talk about it throughout the whole episode.  Don’t worry…it’s not just for shock value either…SEX is a big part of this episode.

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo are marriage coaches to couples.  Their thriving business is because they really know the top 2 issues their ideal clients struggles with.  One of them being the lack of sex in a marriage.  We also talk about what that lack of sex means for your business and how you can use the “extraordinary formula” to improve your marriage and your business.

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Tony and Alisa’s Target Audience:  Tony and Alisa’s target market is couples who have been married for at least 5 years and are frustrated with the lack of communication and connection in their marriage. 

Tony and Alisa have been married for 18 years and for the last five years, they have been working together. In their many years of marriage, they have been through some tough times. But they took action to end their difficult situation and start an extraordinary marriage which allowed them to reconnect and discover one another.

Once they were able to do that, they decided their success could be extended to other married couples. Now they run “One Extraordinary Marriage” with a mission to help and build resources for couples going through bumps in the road. 

Tony and Alisa share the experiences that led them from marriage complications to jointly providing marriage coaching services for couples facing some of the same challenges they had faced.

They narrowed down their services to their niche by first trying to serve every couple. Though it took some trial and error, they finally discovered their coaching would be most helpful to couples who have been married for years.

Alisa says at first they were a bit hesitant to niche down for fear of limiting their services. But they soon realized that by working with people who were able to identify with them, both the parties would be satisfied. And when they got clear on who they served, they were able to generate a nice stream of revenue by coaching and selling other resources.

While coaching couples, they use a special formula they came up with that allows a couple to be extraordinary together. Alisa and Tony give us some examples of the formula on this show but one major element of the formula Tony focuses on is the part about being busy. People wear being busy like a badge of honor. He says that people must stop doing so and create time for the important people and relationships in their lives.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Our relationship with our spouse: Does it impact our business?
  • How Tony and Alisa got clear on who they wanted to serve.
  • What triggered them to narrow down their target?
  • What benefits do we get when we clearly identify our niche?
  • Why identifying who we serve allows us to build relevant content.
  • Why solving the problem is the key.
  • Who is connecting with you? How to find out.
  • Find out what E = I – B + A means for you and your marriage.
  • How to stop being busy and focus on the most important people.

Practical & Actionable:

Alisa says the most practical and actionable thing that you can do right now is to know where you are wasting your time. We just have 24 hours every day. As a leader, you must figure out what is taking you away.

Once you figure out your niche, you will find people that desperately need you. If you are too busy to serve them, then you are failing. You are not living up to your potential and so, you have to get rid of that busyness.


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