085 Re Perez | Branding is not Marketing

Re Perez Many people use the terms branding and marketing interchangeably. There is a difference…a BIG difference actually. Re Perez with Branding for the People shares his view of branding.

We talk about examples and he gives some key factors to help you understand what your brand is. The practical and actionable segment of this episode is right on target…don’t miss it.

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Re’s Target Audience: Re’s target market is entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations who are looking to make more money, push themselves as leaders in their category and make a huge impact in the world. 

Re’s background includes working for a big brand consulting firm. Around four years ago, he was working in a large company in Dubai and due to some personal reasons; he came back to New York. After a few months, he decided that he wanted to work for himself, helping other people create their brand names.

He then started a company called Branding For the People and he’s had a blast doing so. He helps small business entrepreneurs bring Fortune 500 branding principles to build their own brand name in the business.

On this episode of Leaders in the Trenches, Re speaks about a variety of topics related to branding, its importance, and being a leader. For people to push themselves as a leader in their category, they have to look outside and see what everyone else is doing. Regarding the technical aspects of brand he says we don’t even own our brand, it only exists in other people’s minds. Even before you open your mouth, people have an impression of you.

After you speak, they get another impression of you. These awareness factors allow people to generate perceptions that you can totally influence. The more you are able to direct these factors, the higher the chance of you being able to drive the perception of people towards something you want. The perception that you want to convey is out there in the marketplace.

Re also mentions technical aspects about design and how they convey a specific message. Design is highly subjective but if we are not careful, some designs can have a negative impact. He calls them Frankenstein Designs! But never fear, Re gives us suggestions on avoiding becoming a Frankenstein Design and so much more.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s a brand and what’s in a brand name?
  • Branding and Marketing differentiated.
  • How people form perception of your brand.
  • What does it take to be a category leader?
  • Design principles: why some succeed and why some fail, Re explains.
  • Design Frankenstein: A poor choice to make.
  • How to evaluate designs to attract potential clients?
  • What tangible and intangible advantages does Re help his customers gain?
  • How to see the world outside through others’ eyes.
  • Blindspots: Who helped Re see them?

Practical & Actionable:

Re says the most practical and actionable thing that you can do right now is to be clear on your who, what and why. Ask yourself whether you are clear in these six questions:

  1. Who are you looking to serve?
  2. Who are you and who are you not?
  3. What is the problem that you want to solve?
  4. What is the business that you are in?
  5. Why should people choose you instead of someone else?
  6. Why are you in business?

If there is a gap, then that is a perfect opportunity to seek out some support and that will make your business go smoothly.


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