102 | Letting Go of Mediocrity with Renee Gambino

Renee GambinoSettling in your comfort zone prevents you from growing and changing. When you do decide to shift into your greatness, you will have to let go of the very things that make you comfortable. Renee Gambino talks about letting go of fear and allowing confidence to dominate. She shares how vision has been a huge force in her own growth as a business owner. Learning how to think bigger and find the leverage have been her keys to success.

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Renee’s Target Audience: Renee’s target includes entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and sales professionals. She interacts with individuals who seriously want to end mediocre results in their income and life and strive for non- negotiable success.

Renee is a business coach and she is seeing that the path of mediocrity is becoming a common thread in our world. This kind of “settling” stems from not having a bigger vision, not playing bigger, and settling for incremental pay increases. She’s observed that people tend to refrain from making large changes in the types services they offer. It’s these very same people are seeing the same kind of mediocre cash flow year after year.

That’s why Renee focuses on VISION. Renee adds that vision is very personal because it comes from what you want in your life. Identifying what you want will spark what you do you in your business.

Vision does not mean ‘more money and more clients.’ Rather, it is the willingness and desire to take your business and clients through a process. It is about paying attention to what needs to happen next- opportunity which lies in the NOW.

Renee GambinoRenee believes Cash Flow is about consistency. It is about starting with a small investment for a large return. Renee speaks from experience. Years ago, she grew a private practice in holistic health. Her mission was to take them through a consciously healing process.

However, she (like many other entrepreneurs) started to get overwhelmed and felt a lack of direction. She realized she had to release mediocrity. It was about letting go of FEAR and allowing confidence in. Renee calls this “MOB” = My Own Boss. In other words- working less and making more money!

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why accepting mediocrity is giving you mediocre cash flow
  • How asking yourself what you want is what drives your business
  • Why VISION does not just mean wanting more money and clients
  • The importance of paying attention to the NOW in order to take your clients through their own process
  • Why Renee realized she couldn’t walk this entrepreneurial journey alone
  • Why you can work less and make more money!
  • Why you should never stop learning and never be afraid to reach out for guidance

What did you do that allowed you to step back?

Renee admits that she reached out for guidance. She knew she was really good at what she did but knew she didn’t have the tools. Renee had to give up doing it on her own and enrolled herself in high end coaching programs because she felt she was worth it. This allowed her to begin challenging herself to be the leader she knew she was. She committed to the work and her mentor and began to transform her business.

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