110 | Understanding and Developing Your Strengths with Scott Barlow

Scott BarlowUnderstanding the strengths you have will help you grow your business faster than your weaknesses. When you develop your strengths to a point of mastery, you increase your chances of success. Scott Barlow with Happen to your Career shares how your strengths become the foundation to grow and move to higher levels of success. Listen in to understand and develop your strengths with this episode.

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Scott’s Target Audience: people who are trying to get their first customers and also people who are just getting started and are not sure what they want to do (whether it’s to start a business or discovering what they are meant to do).

Scott was one of those people who struggled with what he wanted to do with his life. He changed majors in college a bunch of times. His peers who took internships didn’t really impress him. Although Scott was not clear, he knew he wanted to own his own business. Eventually he attained his own business in the contracting industry. Although getting married prompted him to take a slight detour and get a ‘stable’ job, it wasn’t long before he jumped into the entrepreneurial world once again.

Scott BarlowThis time, his vision was to create a business that aimed to help people conquer the very same things he struggled with (uncovering what he was meant to do in life). Scott however, gives us a reality check. Just because you’ve identified what you are meant to do, doesn’t mean that road does not have it’s own challenges. But it will be more joyful.

The key is to be willing to try enough things to where you explore different parts of yourself. This helps you learn what works and what doesn’t and ultimately determines your signature strengths. Scott then spends time with his clients helping them to systemize their business around this.

The art of letting go is all part of the process of building a business. Scott was feeling a great deal of overwhelm and realized by giving up control and hiring someone, he could finally focus on the parts of his businesses he actually loved. He also gained better client satisfaction.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What signature strengths are
  • Why what comes easily and naturally to you is what you should be doing
  • Why doing what you really love still has its challenges
  • What Scott had to let go of to truly enjoy his business
  • A free resource to help you uncover your signature strengths
  • Why exploring different parts of yourself helps to determine signature strengths


Resources and Links


Practical and Actionable:

Scott says to put time on your calendar and inventory your signature strengths. Use this free resource. Do the exercise step by step in order to determine what work fits you. This exercise will help you discover what you are great at and help you reflect on how many of those things (things you love) you are doing day to day. What are the things in your day to day that are stopping you from being yourself? What parts allow you to enjoy and do what you are good at?

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