117 | Mistakes, Pivots and Successes in 2014 with Gene Hammett

Gene HammettNot many business owners are willing to share with you the mistakes they made in the past. I think it is out of fear of how they will be perceived. I think that sharing our vulnerable areas actually can help us connect with people that want to know you better before doing business with you. Therefore in this episode, I share with you the three mistakes I realized in 2014. One of these has been the catalyst for my own growth in 2014. I hope it will help you. I also give you my pivots too. A pivot is a shift in direction, not a change in strategy. Then I share the successes I have had in 2014 that include some clients, my goals and even what I have done with the podcast. Listen in to the episode and let me know what pivots you have taken from your mistakes.

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

The life of an entrepreneur consists largely of learning from mistakes made along the way. More importantly, it’s how we use the lessons learned to keep growing both personally and business-wise. So, let’s jump right in!

One of Gene’s biggest discoveries in 2014, was that he was hiding behind his marketing. He was creating content and was getting some referrals- but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t growing the way he wanted. Later in the podcast, Gene shares how he had to “pivot” to make this part of his business work for him. So stay tuned.

Gene also realized that he had to invest time and energy into clarifying his own audience and get crystal clear on who he was serving. It took him a total of four years to narrow down his niche. Gene wanted to go more horizontal than industry focused.

Another discovery made in 2014, was that Gene’s schedule needed tweaking. As an entrepreneur, there are so many things pulling us in different directions. It is certainly a challenge to manage a schedule unless you decide to be proactive about it. Because his schedule was dysfunctional, time for Sales calls often was not carved out. Time was wasted on things that were not really important.

So Gene knew he had to PIVOT some things around. Pivoting is when you don’t necessarily change the strategy of the company but change certain habits in order to be more intentional. Here are some of the areas where pivoting was required:

Sales and Lead Generation: Gene realized he had to become more intentional in this area. He started to be more proactive about sharing resources and free content with specific people who needed the guidance rather than simply allowing the content to sit on the pages of his website. He realized this was a passive way of generating leads and more importantly it was not serving people’s best interests.

Small Events: Gene began hosting small events which turned out to be very successful. They were one- day masterminds and provided a small intimate experience. He brought the right people into the room at a low cost and had fun doing it. Attendees learned things that transformed their business. Specifically, “Authority Camp” was part of this Pivot. This event is aimed at creatives, coaches, and consultants. It is a two- day intimate experience meant for 8-12 people who are treated like VIPs. People leave the event having knowledge about positioning their own authority for influence to generate leads. Find out more here.

Gene HammettGene also hired a team because he realized he could not possibly do everything in his business on his own. He hired people for a podcast: an audio engineer, a project manager, and a graphics person. Jessica Rhodes helps him to get interviews for podcast shows. Derek Hart assists with branding. For more information on Derek, click here. Derek has greatly helped Gene to align his brand and messaging. Lastly, Gene hired a Support Coach- Ellie Pappas (that’s me) who can talk to clients and hold them accountable. Thank you, Gene, for your kind words! We all love being part of the team!

In 2015, Gene knows he must serve potential clients in three important ways. (1) 30-minute Strategy Sessions to help people get crystal clear on what’s next.
(2) 1-hour Pricing Session to provide guidance on raising prices. (3) 30 minute Vision Sessions where you get to have the “bigger” conversation for your business.

In 2014, Gene has moved his business from just a regular one- on- one coaching company to more than tripling his business by bringing in more clients with the help of an increase in staff. He has more than doubled his prices, has experienced numerous successes with clients where they have gained more clarity and financial gain. Gene has also experienced increased success with the podcast which caused a website to take off.

Gene also wanted to participate in speaking events and did so on the Podcast Movement, Ontrapalooza, and Creative Live. Of course, he could not have achieved all this without investing in his own mentor who helped him to break old patterns and helped him discover how much he was hiding behind his marketing.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why your mistakes are also your opportunities
  • How your mistakes can help you more authentically connect with your audience
  • Mistake and fears that held Gene back in 2014
  • The Pivots his mistakes lead him to make
  • How hiring a team greatly helped Gene’s business
  • The successes Gene experienced with his clients
  • The internal successes Gene achieved with the guidance of a mentor

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Practical and Actionable

Go back and look at your mistakes. What can you learn from them? Get clear and real with yourself. Talk about it with someone. Decide where you are going to make your own pivots. You always have the option of having a conversation with Gene by signing up here: leadersinthetrenches/sales

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