132 | Be Authentic to Improve Know, Like and Trust with Joel Comm

Joel CommYou hear it all the time: “share your real life.” Then you hear: “don’t share too much.” Then you hear expert after expert with opinions that conflict with one another. Today’s guest is Joel Comm.  Joel has a deep experience in all things internet marketing.  Today we focus most of the conversation about how to be authentic and real so that you can sell more.

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Target Audience: Joel’s target audience is various but he focuses on those who are seeking to leverage the power of social media.

Joel has been an internet entrepreneur for the past 20 years who serves entrepreneurs to find their voice and highlight their expertise through social media platforms. For starters, he highly believes in the power of publishing books because the physicality of it represents a sense of  authority. The physical book possesses an authority that things like blogs or ebooks simply don’t have. Books trigger something significant because each of us are very much are ingrained by the collective belief of its power that has been with us from a very early age. Think of it like a $5 biz card that opens so many doors for things such as speaking engagements, book signings, and various meet ups and rendezvous. 

His recent book: Twitter Power 3.0 is the world’s best selling book on the subject of twitter. The book shows twitter users how to leverage the power of twitter to increase engagement. A major effective tools for twitter has been images with quotes (whether yours or someones else’s). The engagement received is potentially tremendous compared to other methods. This is because it  reflects what you really believe and shows your authenticity. Today, the apps that are available to create these photo quotes (such as Word Swag and Pic Lab, for example) make this a very simple process.

Joel CommTo increase engagement, you must focus on being yourself in the conversations you have. DON’T be someone else. Put a human on your company product or service that makes you as real as you are otherwise people can smell the fact that you are just trying to sell something. Let people get to know YOU. Share the different parts of your life which includes even the mundane, the embarrassing, your mistakes and your vulnerabilities.

Joel recalls his time in the trenches after he left a secure job started a business with a partner. When his partner decided to leave due to another job opportunity, Joel was left with the start-up business and spiraled into losing money. He admits that he is a man of faith and simple prayed to God saying, “if you don’t drop money out of the sky I don’t know what i am going to do.” He was soon contacted by someone who offered him $5,000/month for his content. He found that a simple prayer brought the response he needed.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why publishing a book gives you Authority
  • How to increase engagement through social media platforms
  • The POWER of twitter
  • Why trying to be someones else just doesn’t work
  • Why bringing your Authenticity is a way to connect
  • How to let go of the fear of representing your true self

Practical and Actionable:

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. There is no formula because we are all unique. Don’t be afraid to bring what makes you unique and special. JUST BE YOU and be good to other people.

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