152 | Lead Generation with Facebook Ads with Valerie Shoopman

Do you have all the leads you can handle?  Do you have high-quality leads for your business?  Well, usually the answer is – I can use more of those, thank you.  There are many ways to build leads for your business, but one powerful channel that many are not using is Facebook.  Today’s guest is Valerie Shoopman, who is a Social Media Expert…but her main focus is Facebook ads.  Listen in to the interview as we discuss how you can focus on your ideal clients and get a steady stream of leads rolling in.

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Valerie’s Target Audience: Valerie serves entrepreneurs – specifically – business coaches. She currently teaches people how to utilize Facebook ads so they may attain the success she is experiencing.

Valerie was formerly an “all around” type of woman until she realized she HAD to become known for SOMETHING. Niching down on what type of problem she wanted to solve skyrocketed her business. She is now known as the Facebook ad expert and people can refer to her as such. The decision to specialize in something allowed Valerie to dive deep and become a TRUE expert.

Facebook ads are huge right now! Did you know that Facebook is currently the only platform where you can match up all that much granular data with your ideal target audience? Facebook has so much data that you can focus and filter down to reach your exact target audience. It’s very strategic and can work wonders for your business if you play the game right.

So wait, what’s Granular targeting? Granular targeting allows you to connect with your ideal target audience. Facebook ads are set up in such a way that you can literally give your ideal audience an “avatar.” You can identify their age, likes, hangouts, interests, location and more. It also allows you to target specific behaviors, income, and who they follow.

In order to make Facebook Ads work for you, you must be super clear about your NARROWED NICHE. You can think of your narrowed niche as the inner circle inside the target market and it can be narrowed even further by creating your “profitable niche” which goes inside that inner circle.

To make your Facebook ads effective, Valerie recommends uploading your email list and targeting those people. People are typically afraid they will burn out their list. However, you must acknowledge that general open rate for most email campaigns is only about 20-30%. That leaves around 70%-80% of people on your mailing lists who are not opening your emails. When people see your ad on Facebook in addition to seeing you in their inbox, it automatically raises their perception of you and the importance of what you are saying.

There is a similar effect when you use the “Look-alike audiences” feature on Facebook ads. What this means is targeting those people who visit your website. Always layer it up with more demographics. This builds your KLT (know, like and trust) factor.

So, what’s working right now for Facebook ad conversions? Valerie says it’s connecting Facebook ads to your webinars. Then, on the backend of the webinar, lead them to schedule a strategy session or take them to a sales page. Be sure you have the conversion tracking code in place so you track what ads are working as far as optin rate. Also, a tracking pixel should be added to any sales on the backside of the webinar. This is especially true if its an evergreen type model where you can go back and get a running start from the ads that converted the leads as well as the sales that were completed (or viewed).

Valerie ShoopmanSetting up webinars is really simple. Take your pick from platforms like Gotowebinar (free) or Google Hangouts (free). Once you decide on a platform, you will obtain an URL for you to share with your guests. Leadpages is a third party tool which easily integrates with gotowebinar. Likewise, Hangouts can also be integrated with Leadpages.

Valerie attests that Facebook ads leading to webinars work well. Why? Because people connect with you. They hear your voice or they see your face. This creates an emotional connection which ultimately leads to making that sale.

The biggest mistake Valerie sees people make is not being tuned in enough to the solution they are offering to the challenge of their ideal client as they should be. She says that the person who just met you could care less about how many modules you have (so true!). They have a problem they need a solution for. Forget about your features and focus on what’s in it for them. How will your offer solve their problem? What emotional transformation will they experience?

Like all of us, Valerie has caught herself in the trenches too. She has become aware of the importance of being truly present when she attends live events or masterminds. She has learned the significance of taking that step back and allow others to help her. PLUS, she has learned that you need to NOT be the smartest person in the room. Think about who is further along than you are and surround yourself with those who have different experiences than you.

In this episode, we’ll cover

  • How narrowing down a niche skyrocketed Valerie’s business
  • Why Facebook ads are superb at targeting your ideal clients
  • How to target your email list
  • How to target visitors to your website
  • Why setting up webinars is super simple
  • How webinars build that KLT factor
  • How to tune into your ideal clients and make more sales

Practical and Actionable

If you find yourself in the trenches, Valerie says to surround yourself with other people who are on a “higher’ level than you are. On the subject of Facebook ads, always start with the end in mind? What’s the ultimate goal? Then set your strategy and be sure it is a measurable goal.

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