162 | Busyness is The Enemy To Your Business with Coach John Brubaker

John BrubakerWe are all busy. We are all trying to fit in all that we can in a day. The more we do, the more productivity we feel. But what if “busyness is the enemy to your business?” I had the honor to interview Coach Bru or to some John Brubaker. Coach Bru shared his insights on focusing on what matters and about the importance of being a role model to others. A great concept to understand is “Everything you do is contagious” – meaning that what you do others will also do. I think it also applies to what you do presently and how that has a ripple effect for later.

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Target Audience: John focuses on former athletes who thrive on accountability and coachability. He believes these are the two greatest abilities we can possess. His ideal clients want to take their business and personal development from where they are to that elusive next level. Thus, John helps people get out of their own way as it is most often an internal obstacle that is stopping them from doing so.

Coach Bru asks us to take a look at how we talk to ourselves. It is true that we can be our own worst enemies or critic. We may be in a pattern of believing things are impossible. So, John’s mission is helping people to clear their heads. All of what you need is already inside you – it’s just about channeling it.

How do you help people understand that they are in their own way?

John takes his clients through exercises to build awareness. He usually works with start-up entrepreneurs or those who are transitioning (for example management to CEO business owner). They often don’t see how their inner talk diminishes their value. It’s important to remember that thoughts become things which shape our story.

On the topic of Productivity…

John BrubakerIn John’s book – The Coach Approach, he highlights how little things make a big difference and how they affect our results. These are critical yet subtle moments. Take for example in a game: the first 5 minutes are really important because it sets the tone. Those initial moments must be set up for success and this sets the momentum. The last 5 minutes of the game is equally as important – it’s where the game is won or lost. Our day or our fiscal year is no different.

“Making the Shift” is the title of his most popular audio program. Most of us tend to think we have to do everything and we get so busy and we don’t slow down to speed up. The truth is that our internal engines need sufficient rest. More isn’t more – less is more! Getting a coach helped him to understand this and acquire that “work-life balance.” This term has a foggy meaning now that we have home computers. Before the “at home computer” we had very clear work vs. home boundaries. But we must get back to that and reestablishing healthy boundaries for ourselves.

Who do you need to be to have the success you want?

John believes he needs to be a husband and father first. If he can do those 2 things successfully – everything else will flow. This is about modeling that for others. Our personal lives are everything. How you do anything is how you do everything and it’s all about how we show up. Keep in mind that everything we do is contagious!! Being that positive model of a good husband and father is where it starts!

In this episode we’ll cover

  • Why you must be aware of your inner critic
  • Why you must be aware of your inner talk
  • How working with a coach can be a game changer
  • How you do anything is how you do everything
  • How to be more present
  • Being a positive role model

Practical and Actionable

Focus on the next 5 minutes. This is simple yet powerful. Focus on being present. Check in with yourself and with key people you work with. It’s an investment that can make all the difference.

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