169 | How to Value Your Own Value with Carrie Greene

One concept that we constantly look at on our entrepreneurial journey is our sense of self- VALUE. Why? Because as many of us already know, it affects EVERY aspect of our business. Be it our interactions with our clients, what we decide for our pricing, and the impact and power of the service we provide. In this episode, we talk about just how important it is to develop a healthy mindset around our own sense of self VALUE with guest Carrie Greene.

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Target Audience: Carrie works with business owners who possess a corporate background and have started a new business.

Carrie herself has her own roots in Wall Street where she spent many of her working years until 9/11 happened. The experience itself made a huge impact on her as she experienced it all from her office in New Jersey. She remembers people coming from lower manhattan into on boats or whatever other method they could. She remembers everyone helping survivors to access water and telephones. Carrie realized what she wanted to do with her life is to truly touch and impact people the way she did on 9/11. It helped her to realize how much she valued being home with family more. At that point, she couldn’t fathom getting another job on Wall Street. It just didn’t have the meaning she was looking for.

Value became her primary focused and she kept seeing how many of us undercharge our services so dramatically. People simply don’t see the Value they are bringing. Carrie advises her clients to take the time to understand the impact that you bring and take credit for it. Is it specifically measurable? Maybe not. However one way to “measure” it, is by having conversations with clients to understand it further from them. This about what your impact creates in terms of their own reach & how they feel about themselves as a result of your service.

According to Carrie, there are different aspects of VALUE and it is important to clarify each of these. Consider this Acronym for the word VALUE…

This speaks to vision for yourself and the vision you have for your clients. For Yourself: where do you see yourself going (products, progams, etc) interactions, environment? When that is clear, your value of self increases.
For your Clients: What happens when your clients interact with you? What can they change, see, experience? How does your service impact all that?

Your actions should support your vision. Every time you take action you get closer to your vision. You get more confident too by completing the tasks.

Every experience you have impacts the relationship you have with your client. It may not necessarily be part of your training but it is part of who you are- this adds value!

Be yourself – otherwise you look “foolish.” Remember that your uniqueness is what your clients are buying

This is about having boundaries. It might be about saying NO to things or not working with clients who don’t serve you.

CONFIDENCE and BELIEF are inseparable and intertwined things within us all that dictate the direction of our lives.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How your sense of VALUE impacts everything
  • Ways to understand how we impact the world around us
  • Why most of us are seriously undercharging
  • Why what we charge is a direct reflection of our self worth
  • How to write a SuperMan bio
  • The effects of writing a SuperMan bio

Practical and Actionable:

Do a “Super Man” Bio. Write down all of your superpowers. Firmly being aware of your superpowers will help you to recreate her world and raise your prices. It will also have a tremendous impact on how you think of yourself. You might even want to ask others to help you. The goal is this: understand the impact you have on the world.

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