172 | Working Hard Is Not The Answer with Michelle Bersell

Michelle Bersell When you have to make more money or launch a new project, do you immediately think you have to work harder? Well working harder is rarely the right answer. Today’s guest is Michelle Bersell who shares insights about what is really going on behind getting more done. Listen to this episode to discover the power of emotional blocks in your life.

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Target Audience: Michelle focuses her work with entrepreneurs and visionaries who know they have the potential to share with the world but are struggling. They know there is an inner block keeping them from their highest potential.

Michelle BersellInner Blocks and Emotional Blocks…

Michelle works with the combination of thought process emotion and action. She finds there tends to be a focus on one or two but not all three together. Emotion for starters has commonly been perceived as a weakness. However, Michelle helps people to utilize the power of emotion. Why? Because emotion is what makes us unstoppable.

An Opportunity to Grow…

Getting back to your power comes from an emotional space. Emotion is what forces us to make the decision to being the higher version of ourselves. It motivates us to show up differently for ourselves and for others.

Working harder as a sign things are not as they should be! And this stems from SHAME. Michelle asks us to keep in mind that our actions demonstrate either a lack of value or a presence of value. Our decisions are based in our beliefs. Ask yourself HOW DO YOU FEEL…

  • about all the work you are doing?
  • about the money you aren’t making?


Allow Anger to help you make a decision. Feel the pain in a way that you give yourself a chance to feel it because that is the way to bring about change. Write down all the negative beliefs attached to the belief that is causing negative emotion. Become a master of what is going on within you, otherwise you are spinning around unconsciously. When you write it down, you will notice a theme which will reveal that it is merely a STORY. Ask yourself whether it is serving you

What empowered action/perspective is this emotion teaching you? Take it as a GUIDE. Feel it as empowered about supporting yourself through this time. What commitments can you make based on what the emotion was guiding you to do?

The bottom line is, we can continue to live our lives from a place of fear or a place of empowerment. We can’t look outside ourselves for something we arent willing to give to ourselves.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why emotion is the energy that makes us unstoppable.
  • How to harness our emotions as our guide
  • How our emotions can help us to make empowered decisions
  • Why working harder stems from a feeling of shame
  • How to tell whether or not you VALUE yourself or not

Practical and Actionable:

Ask yourself if working harder has worked? Ask yourself what it would be like to be abundant easily? Remember that your actions demonstrate whether you think you are worthy enough.
This is where our business becomes an adventure because we can use business to really touch our own personal edges. We have an opportunity to play with our belief systems and emotions in a way that they serve us- not hold us back. Work with your emotional guidance to receive better.

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