175 | Unlocking Your Website Conversions with Alex Harris

Alex HarrisWhy do some websites experience conversions while others don’t? By “conversion” I mean a sale on the website or an exchange of an email to get something of value. If you have a website, you want conversions. Our guest today is Alex Harris of AlexDesigns.com and he shares what it takes to make conversions on your website. You will gain new awareness on what is really going on after listening to Alex today.

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Target Audience: Alex helps small business owners catalyze an increase in conversion rates by helping them to understand their ideal customers in more authentic ways.

In Alex’s early days as an entrepreneur, he realized he didn’t know as much as he thought he did and created a podcast. The guests on his show quickly taught him that creating an easy to use format to track the financial gains made during marketing campaigns is everything. The amount of traffic has no validation whatsoever if you are not CONVERTING.

What does one look for to increase conversions?

  • Every site obeys the [80:20] rule; this determines the biggest place for potential conversion
  • What are people doing on the pages (tracking behavior)
  • The WHY. Why are they converting/not? You must determine the WHY by putting yourself in their shoes.
The power of relationship building is about winning over trust in a non manipulative way- yet persuasive about providing ultimate value. It is also about spending less money on advertising & creating greater acquisition

What pisses Alex off?

  • People rely on other people’s findings (not backed up by data)
  • Not looking at your data DAILY!
  • Beautiful websites that don’t convert

Alex HarrisIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why a pretty website doesn’t matter if it’s not converting
  • Why trusting your intuition regarding decisions you make in your biz is everything
  • How to collect the voice of the customer
  • The power of building relationships with your customers

Practical and Actionable:

Talk to your customers. You can automate it through feedback surveys, etc. You can also collect the voice of the customer through testimonials. Have live chats and get to understand the customer’s perspective. Use that information & implement it in your CTA’s in your messaging, on your website (everywhere). That way you are truly speaking to your customers; you are empathizing with them and that’s how you really solve their problems.

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