182 | Seizing Your Niche as a Coach with Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney

Getting more quality leads for your business is not about going broader. You are much better off narrowing your focus to the right clients. Not all clients are the same. Do you know your ideal client? In this show, Marc Mawhinney from the podcast Natural Born Coaches shares his insights on why you want to niche and how to niche. Listen in to discover how to get more quality leads for your business.

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Target Audience: Marc is a Coach who coaches coaches. His aim is to guide coaches into building stronger businesses. Specifically, he works with people newer coaches in their first or second years.



Why did Marc choose Coaches as a NICHE?

Like many entrepreneurs, Marc started out of focus (no niche) and targeted all entrepreneurs. After a while however, something resonated with him about coaches because he truly understood their struggle on a deeper level (since he was himself, a coach). He decided to focus on that market and dedicated himself to getting really good at servicing that market.



According to Marc, people are afraid to niche because they fear leaving clients off the table. However, in the process of trying to work with everybody you end up working with NOBODY. You’re left wondering why your roster is so low and your wallet is empty.

SEIZE Your Niche

In guiding coaches to hone in on their specific niche, Marc has developed a process to define it for yourself. He states that you must validate the niche by know what’s going on. This includes researching the niche well. Facebook groups actually help to validate the niche. This will also direct your social media strategy. Pay attention on what is being said on the discovery calls. Be sure to talk to people in that market in general. And lastly, ensure there aren’t too many people out there doing what you want to do.

Remember to have a personal motivation when choosing a niche. Steer away from distracting yourself with new things you need to learn. Rather, refine, focus and expand on what you are already good at.



What are the fears when it comes to NICHING?

Marc often sees coaches leaning towards doing it like the others. Yet, that is precisely why you should be running the other way. Do it your own way, so you may stand out in the crowd.


Marc MawhinneyIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why going broader will leave you with an empty pocket
  • How to get leads that match your service
  • The process Marc uses to help his target find theirs
  • Why people are afraid to niche down
  • Why you letting go of perfectionism is essential

Practical and Actionable:

Take some time to research but don’t think too much. This shouldn’t take 6 months or a year. Don’t procrastinate. Choose something that resonates with you and that you feel good about. It’s about action. Create a good plan, but don’t be a perfectionist.

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