183 | Being the Go to Expert with Sue B Zimmerman

Sue B Zimmerman

Positioning yourself to your marketing is often overlooked. Look around and be totally honest with yourself…are you positioned as an expert for a particular industry, technology or result? Or perhaps, you are one of many people that do what you do. Sue B Zimmerman is an expert on Instagram and has a strong passion for this social platform. Sue shares her perspective on being the expert in ONE area.

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Target Audience: Sue is a multi passionate entrepreneur. She teaches Instagram marketing to small and medium sized business owners who really want to anchor their brand on instagram and have more success attracting their ideal client, growing their email list and making more money doing what they love.

Why Sue chose to be an Instagram Expert…

Sue is the owner of a small seasonal retail store. Sue witnessed more success from Instagram out of any other social media platform. The reason for this is because people are emotionally attached to visual content. We process visuals up to 60,000X faster than we process text. Because of this, she knew she needed to teach it. She expresses that she has never felt a bigger purpose than this: teaching Instagram to the world.

Just pick THREE words…

When it comes to marketing on Social Media, you need powerful words. Why? In order to describe you as giving people an easy route to finding you and for hashtags.

When were you in the trenches Sue B?

At the age 22, Sue had began her first ever small business: the “Boxer Rebellion.” She didn’t know how to get boxer shorts to market. Later, she hired sales reps (50) and paid them commission. That initial business was exciting (albeit challenging) because it set the foundation for always doing what makes her happy

Sue B on Speaking…

Sue admits she never had any formal training other than being a guest on podcasts. In 2014, she was invited to the stage. What she has learned is that when you can teach from the heart, and talk about what you love, it is powerful. Speaking on stage was never was her plan.

The Impact Sue is making…

Sue is witnessing a growing community of business owners all over the world who come together as a result of her teachings and their own common connections. The impact Sue feels is the power of the Community and making the world a better place. It is about collaboration not competition.

Sue B ZimmermanIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to grow your success rate with Instagram
  • Why choosing one area to be an expert in is better
  • Choosing THREE words to help you market
  • Why VISUALS are more powerful than text
  • The power of community

Practical and Actionable:

Be ACTIVELY ENGAGED: pay attention to the comments thread. Therein could lie your next client. Connect with those who share the same values as you.

& Here is your CTA from Sue B! Post a selfie on instagram with the hashtag #suebmademedoitcall

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