188 | Launching and Relaunching with Joel Boggess

Joel BoggessLaunching a business is easy. Launching a successful business is what is hard. Your job as leader is to make your business successful.
Joel Boggess, co-host for ReLaunch podcast and best selling author, shares his journey on launching. What he learned in his latest venture is critical to your success. It is about responsibility and.yes, you must listen in to hear what Joel has to say.

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Target Audience: Joel serves authors, podcasters, and/or content creators who have a hunger to share their voice and make a significant difference.

Michael Port

Joel had the opportunity to guide Michael point who developed an interesting angle. He wrote a book called Steal the ShowHe decided to create a podcast around it in order to create an audience that didn’t exist yet to promote this book. He launched the podcast and book around the same time and the book reached #1 on Amazon. Michael built, cultivated and nurtured that audience. And he continues his Steal the Show Podcast today.

Being New and Noteworthy on Itunes…

This is the 8- week honeymoon period where itunes promotes you. This is what provides all new podcasters with LEVERAGE to continue that growth. There’s tremendous value in launching strong. However, you need a plan to leverage the exposure and visibility. This is what has helped Joel to get speaking opportunities, book high profile guests and build credibility.

Mistakes Podcasters Make

It’s not the guest’s responsibility to drive the show. On the contrary, it is the podcaster’s responsibility to add value and make the show visible to many.

Repurposing Your Show

This is where having an Avatar and Niche is everything. Who is that one specific person you talk to? This determines your business direction. Ask yourself, “What would my Avatar do?” Remember that having a business is not about you – it’s about who you serve!

Joel BoggessIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to use Itunes to leverage your podcast content
  • The importance of keeping your content in rotation on Social Media
  • Why keeping your Avatar (ideal client) in mind is what drives your business
  • Why it’s YOUR podcast or content is your responsibility
  • How to keep your content VISIBLE
  • Why your content doesn’t rely on who’s on your A list

Practical and Actionable:

Segment your list of your created material and discern what’s appropriate for your audience (whether podcast, copy, etc). Be sure to recycle your content on social media. The audience on social media platforms is in constant flux, so keep your content in rotation. Write it out a couple of different ways.

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