199 | Activating Employees to Be a High Performers with Todd Herman

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Todd HermanTaking your performance to a new level in business is a continuous practice. If you want to make a change, you will be better served when you have the right system.  Today’s guest is Todd Herman is an exceptional coach and best known for his results with high-performing athletes. Todd took what he learned there and has been applying it to leaders in business. We talk about how to shift the smallest things in your “system” to get massive changes in your performance.


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Target Audience: Todd holds space for entrepreneurs to develop real leadership skills to scale up their businesses by putting smart systems in place thereby executing in a more effective way.

What’s getting in the way of effective execution?

Todd is a big believer in having a great model and working with belief systems. Fail to create an adequate system and you will have a very frustrated team. You also won’t get very good results. When it comes to us helping our teams or people operate at higher levels, it has everything to do with how the days are structured. This requires system planning and system models or “templates.”

Being intentional about what that next time span is going to be about

According to Todd, we need to be nimble about how we work our days. Todd prefers to keep things nice and short because it allows him and his team to slip into a state of flow (or the “zone). The flow state is about producing at a higher capacity you ever thought you could. Having a system template is a way of achieving this.

How do we change the behavior of human beings? Installing new habits…

  • Modifying the environment you have around you
  • Setting up behavior queues
  • Using pain. Pain is one of the greatest motivators to behavior change. Use pain in a way that transforms one’s mindset towards gain or growth.

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a 4-Quadrant separates the important vs the not important. It sorts out the urgent vs. not urgent items. Ultimately, this system prevents us from making poor decisions. It allows for fluidity because there are less crises to manage too.


Todd HermanIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How smart systems create flow
  • Installing new habits for increased efficacy
  • How to use Pain for Gain
  • How to plan your day for greater impact
  • Ways to get your mind to solve problems for you

Practical and Actionable:

The easiest thing for people to do is plan their tomorrow today. Visualization is a big part of this. Why? because visualization is like experiencing it. It provides a visceral reaction to what it is going to be like when one steps into the “starting gate” (or begins their day).  It gives one a state of flow and you will hit the ground running in at the beginning of the day. Even better, your mind will start to work on problems for you.

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