225 | How to Scale Your Service Business with Mandi Ellefson

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Mandi Ellefson

When you are ready to take your service business to the next level, this is the episode for you. This one is about how to scale your service based business. I chatted with Mandi Ellefson to uncover the key steps to scaling with systems in your business. We talk about the aspects of scaling that gets in the way too.

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Target Audience: Mandi serves 6-7 figure Business Owners with established businesses who have been around for a little while. They are seeking (or more like needing!) to scale. They are caught between the challenge of scaling up the business by giving up their quality of life or stagnating growth just to have a life. Their ultimate goal is to become a “hands off CEO.”

A SCREECHING Halt Turns Into…

Mandi knew she had to create a business without the business owner (her) that provided FREEDOM. She came to a point where everything just turned into overwhelm and thus, things had to CHANGE. She managed to take her custom service business and turn it into a full-time scalable business.

The biggest pain is working so many hours without feeling like there is much progress happening. And then, when you are making progress, it is at the expense of something else in your life. The other pain is the fear of hiring someone who will not uphold the quality the business owner provides himself or herself. Unfortunately, this is the case 99% of the time.

Letting Go to Scale Your Business

In order to let go and scale your business, Mandi created a System comprised of 5 steps. You can find out more here http://handsoffceo.com/home/

Most importantly, is to get control of your time! This is first and foremost, otherwise, you won’t be able to implement the rest of the system. Also streamlining service delivery is another aspect of this system. It is important to customize it.

So, What Gets in the Way of Scaling?

If the value is in the business owner, you will be stuck!! Time is the biggest pain. Finding ways to tweak your time is everything. Also, making a plan to put things in place so that your team can run things without you is another BIGGIE. Creating a system to make that all work is the name of the game.

Practical and Actionable:

Identify what you want to accomplish. What is your vision for the next 3 years? What is your vision for your life period? How is your business going to be serving that vision? Reflect on ways you can find more time so you can access the steps talked about here (and over on the website http://handsoffceo.com/home/) and implement!


 How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

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