242 | Making a New Success Habit Stick with Jen Macquarrie

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Jen Macquarrie

Have you tried making a habit to accelerate your personal growth? Most of us have but have had difficulty sticking with it. Jen Macquarrie, founder of Bright Habits shares with us the essential elements we need to maintain momentum. We also explore how to mindfully observe the inner dialogue going on in our heads and how to shift into a more empowering mindset.

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Target Audience: Jen serves busy professionals and/or entrepreneurs who are juggling several areas in their lives. They may be struggling to keep up with everything. Yet, they are craving self care and looking to creating better habits for better energy, support and achieving their goals.

Habit Success Coaching

Habit success coaching was something Jen delved into herself and found that it totally transformed her from the inside out in as little as two years. She soon fell in love with coaching. This caused her to feel a strong calling to now serve others by helping them change their mindset and become their greatest versions.

The 5am Wake-Up Call

A big part of personal development is finding a bracket of time in the day to practice routines dedicated to personal development. She personally found it challenging to find time in the day to do it. So, she decided to do it at the very beginning of her day by waking up at 5am. Her routine consists of a workout, playing guitar, and gratitude writing. She knew right away that she felt proud of herself. Over time, this became a habit that was automatic.

Jen says in order to wake up so early, it is crucial to adjust your bedtime routine. She even suggests setting up a ‘bedtime alarm’ 45 minutes before bed. This signals you to start to wind down to prepare for sleep. Plus, you can avoid sleep deprivation!

When you create a new habit it does requires sacrifice. Jen says our willpower is strongest in the morning and it diminishes as the day goes on. Any important tasks you want to accomplish should be done early in the day because you are more likely to get them completed.

Making New Habits Stick

Firstly, it is important to know your goal. Your WHY. What specifically can get you closer to that goal? Decide when you will do this habit. Commit by writing down your plan. Have accountability of some sort (hire a coach, tell people, have a support group, etc). Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that it may be easier to start (because of excitement) than maintain the habit. It is possible that the initial motivation may wear off. Thus, decide to stay committed.

A new habit is not something you feel you should do but a feeling of ‘I MUST.’

Remember to choose self compassion over criticism. We are all human- there will be times there will be disruptions or life events- don’t put yourself down or be hard on yourself. Shame might make you quit. Keep in mind that you can always try again tomorrow. The key is to keep going and start again.

What the Trap of Success Means to Jen

Once you achieve the success, it’s tempting to be more lazy. You might take it for granted or get too comfortable. If you’re really comfortable- there may be something wrong. You can’t progress that way.

Mindset Affirmations

Notice negative thoughts/ self-limiting beliefs. Catch yourself. Write them. Replace them with something more empowering.

According to studies, it takes 66 days to make a habit stick. Of course, this depends on the habit. Complex habits may take up to 3 months or more. It also depends on the person.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to make new habits stick
  • The best time of day to perform your new habit
  • Why disappointment is a chance to grow
  • Why shaming and criticizing yourself doesn’t work
  • What to do about limiting beliefs

Practical and Actionable:

Know what your goals are and where you’re headed. Pick a habit. Set yourself up for accountability and to make a plan. Decide: when, where, what time of day. Make sure you repeat it preferably every day so that it becomes automatic. New habits require repetition.

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