272 | Making Life Matter Now with Cole Hatter

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Cole HatterBusiness has a tendency to wrap us up into our numbers and all the growth aspects of the company. However, one reason we are all in business is to give back in some way. I believe you should give back now. Our guest today is Cole Hatter. Cole is the founder and host of a major conference about making life matter, THRIVE. In the interview, he shares his journey of making millions and realizing that he can do so much more than he was doing.

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Target Audience: Cole serves Entrepreneurs who want to learn to invest and create businesses that don’t just make money but also make a difference.


The Event came about as a result of the growing theme of entrepreneurs who as they are building their businesses, wake up one day and realize they’d “ARRIVED.” This specific group of people also knows there is a lot of life left (despite that feeling of “arrival”).

They are wondering what else there is.  On a trip to Mexico, Cole realized the core reason he wanted to make serious money back in the U.S was so that he could give back in a meaningful way.

He recognized that Entrepreneurs are thirsty for purpose and ultimately this is what catalyzed the first THRIVE event and what kept it going every year. His life became better because so many people become impacted. The very fact that this is part of the business conversations and culture- excites him to continue working.

Mindset Struggles Preventing Wealth

People are energetically asking for permission rather than really going for it. There are different fears: fear that money will change their identity, that rich people are bad, letting people down by letting things go (like quitting school or leaving a job)- there are millions of reasons. Ultimately, people need to give themselves permission.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to create a biz around what moves you
  • Why making lots of money is a good thing
  • What hold people back from making the big bucks
  • Why entrepreneurship is about impacting the lives of many
  • How to give yourself permission to live a life you love

Practical and Actionable:

For listeners who have a business or are in the process of creating one, find something in the world that resonates with you deeply. Make your business impact that community.

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