283 | The Courage to Create A Cult Brand with Ryan Gill

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Ryan Gill

Our guest today is Ryan Gill, the founder of CULT. There is a “new” age of advertising and it means LESS advertising. On this episode, we talk about creating a brand that people buy into – not buy from. Find out why cultivating loyalty is what is helping businesses today thrive instead of fail. Also, we dive into why working from the inside out by getting our staff inspired is also one of the key elements in making Brands REMARKABLE.

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Target Audience: Ryan, the founder and chair director of the company CULT, helps Brands architecture the customer journey. The aim is to drive their consumers from awareness past decision and on to loyalty. Loyalty is the main goal and the most powerful place to invest time and money.

The CULT Philosophy

Cult is currently in their 5th year of business, still standing firm in their foundational philosophy: creating BRANDS that people buy INTO – not buy FROM. It is about creating loyalty rather than superficial advertising.

Focus on Acquisition NOT Advertising

“Cult” brands are very self aware. The mindset they adopt in working with Ryan’s company is that over- reliance on advertising is not something they have to do. While advertising is executed on some level, they don’t rely on it.

The Courage it Takes to Start a Business

FIX: Break the Addiction that’s Killing Brands outlines the addiction to advertising that brands have and why over-advertising is SUCH a FALSE positive. This book serves as a guide for marketers who are tired of wasting time, energy and money on tactics that just don’t work. The book aims to help brands incrementally decrease their advertising strategies, and to instead refocus their energy, time and money on six specific areas to attract cult-like followers.

Ryan’s Experience with the Trap of Success

Ryan reveals his own personal experience with a digital agency he ran for 12 years. It was a tough failure not because of the money he lost. He admits that although it was a great company, it did not truly know how to make money. Eventually, he had to muster the courage to break out of complacency. This was difficult because he was afraid to admit things were not working. He had to ask himself: is there a better way?


You’ve got to have ONE remarkable thing that is woven into the culture. If you can break free of complacency, you can achieve this! Ask yourself: What is not compromised ever? In identifying what that is- that is what perseveres through time. It is the most profound aspect of being part of a REMARKABLE company.  

An Inspired Staff

If you can’t inspire your staff- you can’t have cult- like followers. Employees must love the company first. Do people love working there? Companies don’t have staying power anymore, but cult brands do! We’ve got to work from the inside out.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The “new” age of advertising
  • Why loyalty is more important that advertising
  • How Ryan broke free of his own complacency
  • Creating a culture of remarkability
  • Why you’ve got to cultivate an inspired staff

Practical and Actionable:

Get out there and start something. Jump into something that will inspire you and even scare you! Keep things simple and honest.  

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