308 | Hire Right to Maintain HyperGrowth with Adam Robinson

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Adam Robinson

Do you want to build an elite team of superstars that support you and your clients? I bet you do. Having a great team is the dream of leadership. Author of “The Best Team Wins;” Adam Robinson is the co-founder and CEO of Hireology, driving his mission to help business owners make better hiring decisions using predictive data and innovative technology.
Target Audience: Hireology helps business owners create a reliable system that allows them to hire talented team members for their companies.

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What is Hireology?

Hireology is talent technology meant to serve decentralized businesses for dealer networks and franchise system. Hireology provides owners with everything they need to be good at the people’s side of the business. Because their parent company cannot help them do that through legal constraints, Hireology takes that data and helps the parent company make decisions by getting an aggregate view – so both sides of the field win.

Taking Ownership

We ask Adam: How do you get the team to take ownership? Adam says it comes down to the expectation and mindset you set for your management team. Expect team members to treat the business like an owner right from the start. It is Important to be transparent. Team members are well compensated for the purpose of long-term growth. They’re given everything they need to be successful.

Key Insights to Hiring

We ask Adam what the core insights that he’s seen evolve that need to be reinforced today in growing a company. Adam says that the most important thing for companies to understand is that you’re hiring “talent operations” – they are every bit as core and critical to your success as everything else you do.

Nothing else is executable if have the wrong people in place. Yet most companies treat this area like an afterthought. Then they wonder why they have trouble scaling while they grow. The sales process starts with the recruiting process. Determine how many people you need and by what time in order to execute the plan. Talented people on your team unlock growth.

What are the symptoms that show up if this is not done? Adam says, it’s a lack of declared intent by the leaders. A process must be in place, otherwise everything will be choppy and inconsistent. You will get stuck.

The reality of entrepreneurial companies is they don’t have it figured out yet. They build the plane as it is going down the runway. You can’t plan 12 months in advance.

The Value In Hiring Talent

Adam shares that before Hireology, companies would hire him to do this (create a system for hiring talent). He and his team would have to go in and scale the company’s process. It was usually a big mess. Through this experience, Adam built a system he could sell to his customers (plus, they’d already been asking for it which meant there was a major demand for it). So rather than continuing to trade time for money, he started selling the process.

Ultimately, Adam was able to create passive income for himself while also creating something of lasting value that had some scale to it. It takes a lot more risk- but there is more reward in the end, he says.  

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Creating a system for hiring talent
  • How to get your team to take ownership
  • Why hiring talent may be more expensive but worth it
  • How to hire accountable people
  • Why accountability is wired & cannot be taught/managed

Practical and Actionable:

A question he uses and you can too when you are going through the hiring process: “When was the last time you set a really aggressive professional goal for yourself that you failed to achieve? Why?”

The answer is always quite revealing. What Adam aims to do with this question is seek for an internal locus of control. We want to hire people who are accountable and take ownership. Are they accepting responsibility? Accountable people figure things out. Those things cannot be instilled through management. Accountability is WIRED.

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