309 | Leading Innovation with Josh Linkner

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Josh Linkner

Innovation is not a buzz word. Innovation is necessary in our world of ever-changing tech, marketing, and customer expectations. Discover how to develop a culture of innovation with Josh Linkner. Josh is a renowned speaker and helps audiences see innovation from a different perspective.

Target Audience: Josh works with organizations that want to inject innovations on a deeper level in order to elevate their entire organization.

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Why Is Innovation So Important?

So, what are the top factors when it comes to innovation? According to Josh, today, more than ever, we are all looking for a pathway to success but it’s become more challenging. The stakes have never been higher and the competition has never been more fierce.

Despite all the pressure, there are small actions and habits that can be done every day to drive progress.

What Should We Pay Attention To?

Josh recommends expanding our perspective on what innovation means. There’s always a way to innovate. It could be through the way you market, how you run your team, etc. Instead of focusing on what we can’t control or change, we can focus on what we can transform.

As a leader, we’ve got to see every person in the organization as an innovator. Tapping into that natural resource and liberating it, is the kind of thing that makes a company unstoppable.

An Example

Josh shares a story about a bike manufacturer. The Leader and his team realized their industry was too restrictive. They took a fresh look at the rules and determined how those rules were getting in the way of creativity. They thought: what would happen if the rules were broken rather than continuing to comply with them? They took each rule and asked what the opposite would be and so proceeded to defy each rule. This ended up yielding the creation of a better bike.

Josh calles this the JUDO FLIP- it’s when instead of doing something in a traditional way, before doing it blindly- PAUSE! And ask yourself, what would happen if I JUDO FLIPPED it? Judo flip assumption, a tradition, an opportunity, a threat. It will fuel progress because it breaks the binds of complacency.

Evoking Innovations From All Levels of the Company

We ask Josh: how do we hear everyone out? As leaders, one of our biggest and important responsibilities is to foster and nurture the creative spirit in our team rather than restrict it. Josh believes all of us as human beings are creative. If you’re breathing, you’re creative, he says.

The problem is many of us restrict that creative freedom because of fear. The number one blocker of creativity is fear. Josh says to build rituals and rewards to move the fear and foster the creative spirit.

Remember to celebrate failures for people who are willing to take responsible risks. This literally liberates the creative process.


Take personal ownership where you can. People underestimate the risk of standing still. Josh encourages us to run fixed experiments. Use the data to implement changes

People feel stuck because they are doing well and are successful. This makes things difficult for change – so they go to Josh for guidance hypergrowth. How do you let go of what is in favor of what CAN be? They are concerned that they won’t invent new possibilities- which we all know is a trap! So Josh helps to shake things up through innovation.  

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Avoiding the trap of success
  • Why you’ve got to celebrate failure
  • How to help your team express their creativity
  • Using creativity as a path to innovation
  • Helping your team take ownership

Practical and Actionable:

Recognize that all of us as human beings are creative. It does not matter what you do. We are all hard wired in that way. When we see an opportunity and are presented with a choice, look for that option X – that creative, unexpected answer.  


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