311 | Lifetime Learning Methodologies with Bronkar Lee

We are always learning. Learning is the basis for growth. Discover learning methodologies that can help you understand your natural tendencies and pushing beyond those uncomfortable moments. My guest shares his learning methodologies that have impacted his life.

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Learning Methodologies with Bronkar Lee

We are always learning. Learning is the basis for growth. I have always had an interest in learning modalities and what would take my retention to a new level. My guest today is more than a multi-talented musician, juggler, and speaker. Bronkar Lee is an expert in the domain of learning. We talk about how he challenges himself to learn. Bronkar shares small tips to increase your learning speed and capacity.

Target Audience: Bronkar is a Speaker, an Author, and a Coach. He has helped clients to achieve personal breakthroughs and accomplish goals for health, success, and well-being. His clients include corporations like Disney, TEDx, Fox, NBC, ABC, Facebook, and Google.

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Bronkar’s Structure of Learning Methodologies (5 components)

1- Bump up your learning temperature: essentially adopt the mindset of a serial learner. Maintaining that growth mindset. Be HOT for learning the way a child is.

2- Set up your space: engineer for an extraordinary environment. This means, lighting, tending to your the scene, setting up sounds, and smells. What do you need to help you work at an optimal level?

3- Rounding up your crew: the people we surround ourselves with is important. Who’s guiding you? This is a big thing that is missing for many leaders. Who is leading you and who are you growing with?

4- Make your minutes matter: quantify – monitor your minutes and calculate and quantify the time you’re spending on the skill.

5- Show up and rock it: be at your peak performance day in and day out.


Applying What We Learn to “Learning Methodologies”

We are inundated with information but how are we applying it? Set a projection and a reflection time during the day.

Setting the projection means deciding to work on a certain skill. What are the components? Which one do you want to cultivate? Gather data. Then look back on it and reflect on patterns. Discern what’s optimal from what is not.

What Does It Mean To Show Up And Rock It?

The combination of our skills is a unique definition of who we are and what we have to offer the world both professionally and personally.

We keep this up by returning our mind body and spirit. For Bronkar, it’s imperative that he creates a safe space for all. So he tunes himself up by saying his affirmations and bringing that place of power to the front of his mind. It reminds him of why he is there, knowing that he is not showing up for his own validation but for the people he serves.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Being a perpetual- lifelong learner
  • Bronker’s 5 part structure of learning
  • How to apply what we learn
  • How to show up and rock it
  • The importance of self-care and tuning up

Practical and Actionable on Learning Methodologies:

Incorporate something that is sustainable in your life. It’s about getting healthy and fit – physically and mentally. Make sure it is quantified because that will make it achievable. Make it so that it is impossible to fail at.




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