317 | How Do You Create High-Performance Employees with Rob Braiman

Creating high-performance employees is a competitive advantage and the path to fast growth. This episode is about creating teams that are aligned and able to produce results no matter what. Today’s interview is with Rob Braiman, the Managing Member of Cogent Analytics. He took his company to the Inc 5000 in 2017. Rob shares insights on how to build a culture that grows leadership. It is all about people. It is about those people becoming leaders and making the vision possible. Discover how to create high-performance team to drive your growth.

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Create High-Performance Employees with Rob Braiman

Target Audience: Rob built a small business consultancy and works with small business owners with the aim of tackling the challenges that come with small businesses.

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Identifying Top talent

We ask Rob what his key components are when it comes to focusing on consistent growth.

Rob says that every day, he is focused on building a culture that grows leadership. This can only be achieved if a leader focuses on his or her people. The success of a business is predicated on employees taking that success, making it their own and most importantly- making it better!

You’ve got to pick critical people for your company because they will make or break your success. The key to identifying qualified individuals is determining whether they are a cultural fit. Many times you may have very educated people (or they may be competent in other ways) but are not a CULTURAL fit for the company.

Having A Collective Vision

The first discipline is about VISION because people feel more ownership when they are part of the vision, creating that vision and refining it.

Rob says that the Vision is shared in the very first training session. They share who they are and who they service. It is important to remember that people don’t interact with WHAT – people interact with WHY. If people don’t believe in the vision of the company, motivation does not exist.

Measuring a Job Well Done

We ask Rob how he measures productivity even more importantly, how he measures that a good job was performed

Rob says, you’ve got to come up with key measurables. Now, these are not measurables that you impose – but rather, these are measurables that your leadership group all support and align with too. While staying in line with the vision of the company, they agree to use this measurement to determine their own performance. So, what you are essentially doing having your team manage the things that you used to.

This should be part of that new management structure that you are putting in place.  It’s an organizational structure that everyone understands. It is also important to reward good behavior. This is leadership that inspires ownership. Rob says leadership is about getting people to understand that they can perform at levels they once could not perceive.

Being a true leader is not about getting them to do the work but to want to do it. The true goal is when you get people to outperform themselves.


How Do We Do This?

Rob says, it is about cultivating good communication upfront. Set an agenda. Start understanding from the beginning where we’re going: PLAN. But again, it’s not just about the leader giving a plan, but having the team to create that vision. GIve them the opportunity to design the solution to the problem.  

When you first start your company, it is likely that you will wear a lot of hats. but as the company matures, start getting other people to share your vision, and give you good feedback.  

Train them and help them improve. This will equal high performance. If you build that culture consistently, everyone rises.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Identifying top talent
  • Creating a collective vision between yourself and your team
  • How to measure a job well done
  • Giving your team the chance to design the vision & plan
  • Giving your team the chance to design solutions


Practical and Actionable:

Identify people for your company who have the WANT. Redefine the processes and redefine how those measurables work. Profitability is something that can be engineered if it is done well. It should be built from the very very beginning.

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