329 | How to Test Your Way to Growth with Michael Cammarata

Growth does not come because you hope it will. Growth is a matter of the actions you take. One way to approach new strategies and new plans is to devise a test. The “test” method can change the way your company innovates and leads in today’s economy. My special guest on the show is Michael Cammarata. Michael has had amazing success in many businesses and one them recently being sold to Unilever (the multi-billion dollar brand). Discover your way to “Test your way to Growth.”

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Test your way to Growth

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Target Audience: Michael is currently expanding Schmidt’s – a personal care global company.


Test your way to success

Michael started a webhosting company and it grew very rapidly. He began investing into companies and got into consumer electronics. He also tells us about his history in entertainment- when he launched a music group. In 2014- he started to invest in Schmidt’s Naturals. He continues to grow the brand globally.

Michael says, you have to test your way on a daily business. You cannot simply stick to the business plan- but rather- think critically about the steps you are taking. The ability to adapt and to constantly learn from failure is the KEY.  


Setting strategies

You need to first know the plan and be grounded in it. Then when it comes to the day to day operations, you have to continually adapt. Michael says when he first brings people on board, he focuses on “de-training” them and empowers them. There are always hiccups in the process, everyone usually pulls through.

Michael believes in building people up so the people can build the business. He asks employees: “What is your personal purpose?” Help them identify their skillset because this is how the find their own sense of ownership. This is a sure fire way to drop micromanaging. In this dynamic- in this hypergrowth mode, you simply cannot micromanage people.

You need to allow people to specialize in what they want to do. If you don’t, you’ll collapse in a hypergrowth mode. The keys to leadership that make growth possible is to give people ownership in their area of talent.



How does leadership inspire ownership?

What have they (your team) always wanted to do? What is something that they haven’t always been able to do because of the fear of risk? Michael instills in his team the concept that If you can dream it- you CAN build it today. He supports them and helps them unleash that.

The actual magic is making transforming failure into success.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • A fresh new way to look at failure
  • What kills HYPERGROWTH
  • Setting the tone for ownership within your team
  • Releasing the old paradigm of micromanaging teams
  • Being creative and adaptive to activate hypergrowth



Practical and Actionable:

Take the biggest thing you think you failed at and take another look at it. See if you can find the opportunity inside of that.

An area that is not performing is an area for opportunity. It’s about changing the way you look at things and seeing the loopholes and opportunities.




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