333 | How to Find Your Core Idea for Your Business with Dolores Hirschmann

Are you looking to clarify your idea you wish to share with the world? Dolores helps IDEAPRENEURS do just that. On this episode, we talk about Dolores’s communication strategies that have lead speakers and authors to share their CORE messages on stages like TEDx. Find out how you can share your core idea in a succinct way so that it can be conveyed to your audience and be truly heard.

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find your core idea with Delores Hirschman

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Target Audience: Dolores targets a cohort of people called “idea-preneurs.” IDEAPRENEURS are people who have committed to an idea for impact. This includes service entrepreneurs, startups or others who may be further along into their business. They are very much anchored in their core idea to build impact.

Core Idea

What is the idea you want to share on the stage? The answer people give for this question usually includes a long drawn out description of the work that they do. Dolores’s goal in the work she has done with TedX speakers or her own clients is to capture the core idea in such a succinct way that the entrepreneur feels completely anchored in it and is also communicated effectively.

Dolores says to write that core idea in (literally) a post-it note. Put in on your screen. Why? Because it will serve as a reminder and cause you to think whether you are honoring that core idea and moving it toward it or not. It’s a very tangible and easy way to stay on track.


Effective Communication = Effective Leadership

Inspired leadership has everything to do with presenting an INSPIRED idea because your audience will actually believe in that core idea. There is transformation in that – not just for the leader but also for the team.


Where do people get stuck in coming up with their core idea?

Dolores says you need courage. In order to be a high level leader- you’ve got to be willing to re-integrate every part of you. Are you willing to come full circle- to come back and be whole? If you are willing to do the deep work, capturing your core ideas will become much easier.


Remember, your message must be clear and straightforward so that it is in no way misinterpreted. This is the power of the “one statement.”


Two Forms of Communication

There are always 2 forms of communication happening at the same time: the verbal kind and the energetic kind. When you can feel what you are saying deeply within you, it will reflect off of you and your audience will feel it too. You become magnetic as you share the core idea behind your business when you feel it deep within your being.  


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Capturing your core idea
  • How to focus on your core idea
  • Tapping into your inspiration
  • Why effective communication = good leadership
  • The 2 different ways of communicating

Practical and Actionable:

Get a post-it note. Fill in these blanks of your idea: To (action) to (outcome). Have it be a tool within your team. And then you can determine whether you are walking toward it or away from it.




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