356 | Create Better Systems for Growth

It is commonly said that a business is a collection of systems. Our job as leaders and owners is to create systems that allow us to attract customers, enroll them, serve them and create experiences they will share with others. It is a never-ending journey to create better systems. If you want your company to grow, you must have the right systems for growth. Today I share with you how you can improve your systems and be a better leader at the same time. Discover how to create better systems in this episode.

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Create Better Systems for Growth: The Transcript

Do you want to create better systems for growth in your business? In others words, would you like your business to create on itself these systems that allow you to improve sales, to improve the delivery, improve lead generation, improve customer service, improve anything you want? Well, it all comes down to the systems that your company is executing up. Now I say this because I work with hyper-growth companies.

My name’s Gene Hammett, I study what makes them successful, and I’ve got a simple framework I want to share with you today, about creating better systems for growth. Now, this really is something that I’ve tried to simplify so hopefully you don’t think it’s too juvenile, but your business comes down to three key aspects. I’m gonna throw a graphic up here on the screen, but it is you, which means the leader, it is the team, and then it is the systems. Those three things are overlapping in that Vendi diagram you’re probably looking at right now, but that diagram really shows your business at a very high, high level.

Now if you want your business to grow, you just have to get all of these things aligned, you just have to have your leadership aligned with the team and the systems in any area you want to. I truly believe that I’ve seen this happen over and over and over. The problem is, too many companies don’t have that alignment. They don’t have the team engaged, or they don’t have the right systems or the right processes that really allow them to do it. Today let’s really zero in on the systems.

The systems for growth look like this. If you want your business to grow, you’ve gotta have a system for growth. And as I’ve heard before, I can’t remember who said it, but before the work starts, you wanna have a framework. That framework guides you to get the results that you want, and it allows you to actually determine, are their breakage points inside this. Without a framework just showing up, just doing the work every day, you don’t have something to guide you, and you’re not really measuring the results of that, which is another aspect of having the right systems.

Now, there are a couple of breaking points within the systems of your business, and they really are aligned where you and your team are overlapping with the systems. So let’s go over you first. You typically are maybe creating all of the systems yourself and you become the designer. That’s in an ideal world, you are no longer doing all of the work, you have the knowledge that you have to in order to design a framework or a system that allows the team to do the work. But if you don’t have the time in your schedule to do that, then your team doesn’t feel supported and you’re not able to create the kind of frameworks and systems that you need for growth.

The other breaking point here is where your team is overlapping with the systems, and the problem there is empowerment. Many teams are not empowered to create systems that are new and creating innovation behind them. They’re only empowered to do what’s already been done before and so I really want you to think about this if you really want to create a self-managing company and create real growth inside this. It happens over time, your leadership must make people feel like owners. You haven’t heard me talk about that before, it comes from all the research of hyper-growth companies over the last few years, and working with these teams and cultures about creating hyper growth. And it really is about leading people to feel like owners.

Now all this being said, if you want to create better systems in your business for growth, you gotta get all these things right, you gotta get the alignment with you, and you gotta get the alignment with the team, and you gotta create systems that can be repeated over time. And then you want to break those systems, even before they’re broken, so that you can innovate inside your space and keep pushing whether it be customer service sales, delivery, whatever it is in your business, those systems are really the backbone of everything in the business and you can’t do it without the team and you can’t do it without you.

All right, that’s my piece today, hopefully, you’ve learned some insight around the systems for growth, and if you have any question about this make sure you reach out to me. And as always, lead with courage and I’ll see you next time on Leaders in the Trenches.


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