374 | Creating a Breakthrough in Confidence

Creating a breakthrough in your confidence is hard work. It is difficult, and it is not your fault. Your current level of confidence is tied to your identity. Your identity is who you are at your most profound levels. To create a breakthrough in your confidence, you must be able to let go of the old standard of confidence. This is hard because of the correlation with your identity. It causes fear and doubt as you even think about it. You begin to take action toward the breakthrough and the challenge increases. You may also experience pressure. Sometimes that pressure turns to stress. The doubt comes at you from all angles. In this video, I share with you a simple exercise to help you create a breakthrough. It will change your life if you let it.

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Breakthrough in Confidence: The Transcript

Do you want more confidence in what you do? I know you probably are very confident in your role as a leader, you’re probably very confident in your role as a strategist and running your business but what would it be like to have this epic level of confidence? What would it be like to break through to the new level? Well, I’ve been thinkin’ about this lately because a lot of my clients want more confidence.

They want more confidence and clarity in who they are as a leader and as a person even. And how they’re showing up within their own work and to the world. That’s a big conversation to have with someone about their confidence and so, I’m gonna share with you a little breakthrough that you can have if you want to create the breakthrough in your confidence.

Hi, my name’s Gene Hammett, I work with hypergrowth companies and to understand what does it take to create leadership in a culture that has a competitive advantage. My clients talk about how their employees take more ownership in their work and that’s what contributes to the growth of their company. How does that sound to you? Well, that is all about the clarity of who they are. And that’s the work I do day in and day out.

Recently, I have been working with leaders that wanted to increase their confidence and I noticed something happening. That as we have grown together, we have reached new levels of confidence inside their business. And that is normal, right? That’s what you expect out of a coach and a coaching relationship. But I noticed that when we after we’ve grown so much, we keep going higher and higher, that in order to make it to the next level, a couple of things have to happen.

You have to let go of your current level of confidence. You have to let go of whatever it is. Let’s say your pricing, if you will, is at this level and in order to move it to this next higher level, you’ve got to let go of what we worked on so hard to get you at this bottom level.

In other words, everything that you’re doing is to combat the doubt and fear that kind of plays in the mind and even the pressure that builds up and the stress that that causes. You have to be able to let go of where you are to move to the next level. You have to be able to, if you’re climbing a ladder, you have to let go of your hand to go up that ladder. I wish I had a ladder right now. You have to do this and it really is hard to understand that so, you know, personally within my own business, speaking is a big part of what I do and you have to have a speaking fee.

Now, I share this with you and I’m being completely vulnerable with you but I work really hard at speaking at the highest level I can and I know the reason my fee is where it is is because of my confidence and as I’ve built up to the current level, whatever it is, I realize that in order to move to a new level, I have to work with those demons and let go of that core identity that gets kind of established with my own thinking at my own level of confidence.

In order to move to the next level, you have to be able to let it go. And then as you do that and you start to get a little bit of success, it starts to feel really good, you get excited about it and then all of a sudden, you move to the next place which is you become more comfortable with it, you become very, it’s normal to you, it’s the new standard and that’s a really great place to be but then guess what happens? You start to feel complacent again. And you start to wonder what could I do next? What’s the next step in this journey? And in order to move it, you have to go through the cycle all over again.

You cannot skip the steps. You’re gonna go through that fear and doubt and all the pressure and stress and that’s what makes this journey. So one way to have that breakthrough is to really think about the future self. Think about the future you. And answer this question, who are they being in that moment? What level of courage are they bringing? What level of commitment, what level of confidence would they have if they have what you want? Whatever that next level is. Really sit down and think about it and know it’s hard and it’s very intangible but you can do this work, you can actually answer the question if you think about, that next level.

Who do you need to be to have that level of success? And that, my friends, is the answer that you’re looking for. If you can put words to it and you can truly get grounded into it, then you can actually make that leap much easier because you can start living that way before you actually see the results. You can live at that level of confidence or live at that level of courage. Whatever it is you’re focused on. But you must be able to answer looking forward, who do I need to be to have the success I want? That’s the key question. All right, I’m wrapping this up. As always, I want you to lead with courage.

My name’s Gene Hammett and hopefully, I’ll see ya next time. This is hypergrowth tips, make sure you actually subscribe, you get all of the goodness of this that comes out every week and I will be able to come right into your earbuds or into your phone, into your computer to give you a message to help you grow as a leader, to help you be more confident in who you are and that is what I do. Talk to you soon.



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