Behind The Scenes: The Power of Reflection

Taking time to look back at how far you have come is essential and often overlooked. Today, I am sharing with you a ritual I have on my birthday to show you the power of reflection. I give you the five areas vital to me as I look at my personal and professional life. Looking at the power of reflection, it gives you clarity and insight into what is going on with your life. Your five areas may be different than mine. You can select the areas that mean the most to you. Join me in this behind the scenes look to create a new ritual and leverage the power of reflection.

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The Power of Reflection: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

Let’s talk about the power of reflection. Reflection is those things that we do and we really look inward to see where we are how far we’ve come.

Today is my forty-ninth birthday. I’m really excited about this. When you watch this video it’s gonna be a few days after because we have to prepare these things for the podcast. But. I often reflect on my birthday you probably do too. Today I’ve been on this earth. Forty-nine revolutions around the sun as they say and things just couldn’t be better really excited about everything that’s going on life. We’re going to question the specific areas that I reflect on and give you some insights behind that.

Welcome to Growth Think Tank. This is the one and only place where you will get insight from the founders and the CEOs. The fastest-growing privately held companies. I am the host. My name is Gene Hammett. I hope leaders and their teams navigate the defining moments of their growth. Are you ready to grow the power of reflection?

It’s just so remarkable because it gives us clear insight if we’re willing to really go deep into those things. I say that because a lot of people just aren’t willing to go deep. What I do with my clients is these deep-dive experiences where they really reflect on who they are where they’re going. What’s really holding them back and really create momentum and clear confidence and courage to go after those things. But as this relates to you right now today you don’t have to wait for your birthday. You can reflect on it.

Your life and the way it’s going. I look at my life and really five different categories. I want to go over those with you today and just kind of give you a little insight behind the scenes if you will of what’s going on in my life. And for you to really think about what’s going on in years. So the first is the health you know we don’t have anything if we aren’t feeling good with our bodies not strong. And frankly, this past year has been rough for me. I. Have had some injuries.

On my knees my shoulder. I’ve been in physical therapy. I was out of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a few months because of that. I’m back on the mats now so it’s exciting to be there. I also had a yearly checkup. And you know the funny thing about that is I I thought I weighed one hundred ninety-five pounds which is a little heavier than I wanted to weigh but I got to the doctor and his scale was to a four. I was kind of adamant that that was wrong but the reality of that is his scale was actually correct and mine was wrong.

So I had gained nine pounds in one day which is kind of a shock. So I decided to really commit to my health a new way. So that’s the first area I look at his health. It really helps to have those numbers like the blood work and all the things that you really can look at and be honest with yourself about where you are with that. The second area I look at is my marriage what’s going on inside that. My wife’s name is Amanda. She’s amazing in so many ways.

And I’m just lucky I’ve been with her for 17 plus years and just a great place for our marriage. Are we still working on some things? Yes. Is it hard sometimes? It’s also a lot of fun. It’s also you know just it’s easy at times and just so much love. And it’s just exciting to see that. The third area I look at is family and this really is as a whole unit. What are we doing as a family? How are we living together? What are we accomplishing?

You know growing together. Are we getting on each other’s nerves? And to be honest with you it’s a little bit of both. We have a 12-year-old. His name is Bennett and it just he’s an amazing son. He’s a little bit lazy like most twelve-year-olds probably really really tied to the electronics but it really is great to see us grow together. We had just a great weekend this past weekend together just hanging out watching a movie and you know with the dogs and everything. So the family unit is a really important piece to the reflection.

And you have to make sure these things are in balance because if those three things just aren’t in balance your personal life is probably going to be a wreck. For me the next areas professionally I really reflect on where the business is right now how far it’s grown from this past year what kind of momentum is it creating for me you know financially is one of the measurements behind that but I’m also looking at just you know the confidence and kind of clients I have and the kind of work I’m doing and you know today is my birthday and I get to do one of the things I love most.

I’m sitting down with a client inside one of my two day deep dives where we are really clarifying the things in his business to allow him to go forward and be the leader he really wants to be and be courageous and be intentional. And it just really is a great place for me to do this and start the new year out. That’s the new birthday year out.

The last year I look at is kind of the hardest and it’s really me as a person I leave this for last because it really is one of the key things to creating the kind of life I want. I look at two specific areas with me. Your areas may be different but I look at courage and growth. Courage is looking back at my ability to truly be courageous and make courageous decisions.

That’s in my business but that’s also outside my business and really living that life of courage is really important to me. I spent some time really struggling after losing everything in my other business almost 10 years ago and I know that courage was to the pathway back. The other area is growing and I’ll say growth because growth is just such an important means to knowing you know how far you’ve been and really looking back and celebrating that. But also looking at the areas that you want to grow in and when you think about this video.

I’m not here to brag about my life and that here to tell you that everything’s great because you know let’s be honest it’s just not.

Nothing’s perfect. But I do enjoy what’s going on and I do get most of my significance and most of everything coming from inside me. I don’t need my wife to pour into me and married me do I want her to. Yes. Do I need my son too? No. Do I want to? Yes. And the reason I say all this because I know what the struggle is like in really real about things and reflection is a powerful tool. I say this because one of the things I think is a benefit to coaching is is really just having someone to reflect with and to help you truly be honest with yourself and congratulate you on how far you’ve come but also your challenges and keep moving forward so that’s what I do as a coach.

I love what I’m doing. If there’s any way I can help you out Just make sure you reach out to me and I really would love to connect with you if you’re listening in today. So as we wrap up this reflection is such a powerful thing and if you’re willing to do it you don’t have to wait for your birthday. You don’t have to have the categories I have of health marriage family professionals and me. You can make up your own categories that are important to you.

But I share with you this little practice I have and it really does help me ground myself in where I am how far to come but also where I’m going really clarify some of things are really important to me so I share this with you behind the scenes because I want you to be the leader that you want to be to be courageous to be confident to be intentional and to create a team that does all the things that they need to do to really grow the business to the next level. As always lead with courage. We’ll see you next time.


Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


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