5 Influential Brand Ambassadors You Should Know

This is a series of brand ambassadors, specifically Internal Brand Ambassadors, to help you understand the role. And if you’re ready to step into this, ready to become a brand ambassador, then you’re going to want to take good notes and got insight up to here.

1. Christi Olson

Christi Olsen is a leader for digital marketing teams. On this episode, she talks about her passion for empowering these teams to speak on stage effectively to convey their true marketing message. Christi is an expert on how to put the customer first. We talk about why this is the foundation for any business and how you can adopt and integrate this lens too.

2. Geoff Woods

We asked Geoff if he sees the value of others carrying the message and not just the founders? Geoff believes that yes- you’re not a business owner until you can step away from your business and your net worth goes up. Can you go on vacation with no cell phone or any other form of connection to the world? will your net worth do better in your absence? Most people haven’t thought in this way. They have – instead – built a business to rely on them – to depend on them. What they are really doing is shackling themselves to a job.

3. Ron McMurtrie

Ron McMurtrie, CMO of Sage talks to us about the Evolution of Marketing. Where being ahead of the game means staying relevant with their customers. In today’s world of marketing, it is not about mapping out their customer journey. It is about allowing the customer to map out their own journey. By managing a team where each person serves based on their speciality, Ron and his team at Sage can meet their clients where they currently are. This is what gives Sage their competitive advantage!

4. Bob Ruffolo

Fast growth companies understand the value of core values, purpose and people that allow for the culture to support the growth. Hiring right and developing leaders from within in becomes critically important. My guest today is Bob Ruffalo, CEO of Impact Branding and Design. Bob shares how is use of Internal Brand Ambassadors impacts more than growth, but the growth of the people too.

5. Ludo Ulrich

Ludo shares that Salesforce hired someone like him to grow the ecosystem. Specifically, he focuses on the measurement and tracking of growth and innovation. These innovations are being presented at large conferences like Dreamforce. At these conferences highlight some case studies whom we call “Trailblazers” and we use those innovations (and the people who created them) to influence the rest of the market.

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