How to Video – 4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals this Year

Do you want to achieve your goals this year? Have you ever wanted to hit a target or make a goal, but you missed it. Today, I share with you a straight forward process to achieve your goals. Go behind the scenes with me as I set my goals for the year. I will share the simple tools which consist of three pieces of paper to help you achieve your goals. Please don’t leave it to chance. I will also give you three power questions to will help you leverage all of yourself to achieve your goals.

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Achieve Your Goals this Year: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

Welcome to Growth Think Tank. This is the one and only place where you will get insight from the founders and the CEOs. The fastest-growing privately held companies. I am the host. My name is Gene Hammett. I hope leaders and their teams navigate the defining moments of their growth. Are you ready to grow? Hi there.

My name is Gene Hammett. A lot of you know who I am because you’ve seen my face before. Maybe you have interacted with me in some way or your part of my audience. I just got off the phone with one of my favorite clients. They’re all my favorites by the way but I really drove into a simple goal-setting process that allowed him to create a new reality. So what is creating a new reality mean?

Well if you are leading into the charge of something new in your life you have to create this new reality. You don’t wait for it to happen you become the kind of person that drives the results like this. And when you accept that you create reality and it doesn’t just happen because of something else than you actually take control of that.

And that’s really a powerful decision for yourself is to create your own reality. You may not know some of my work but I work with some of the fastest-growing companies out there. Some of the clients that I’ve worked with have millions and millions in sales and these CEOs and their teams are driving results because of who they are because they create that reality. I’ve been doing this for almost a decade now. I left the world of tickets to reinvent myself. Actually I was forced to leave if you know my story. But I actually love what I’m doing so much now that I’m glad that that happened 10 years ago.

I want to give you a four-step process to allow you to create the life that you want. You don’t have to wait for things to happen you don’t have to hope that they all come together but you can definitely you know make it more complex than it needs to be so I want to help you with the actual things that I work with my clients on so you get a feel for it.

You may not be a leader you may not be driving the results for a team but you can use this in your own personal life. In fact, a big part of it is personal and only a small part of it is professional. So that being said let’s go into the four steps. The first one is to really take out a sheet of paper to take three pieces of paper to make this happen. When I say pieces of paper like this is a piece of paper I want you to take it horizontally and I want you to draw two vertical lines to create three distinct panels with on that one side of the paper.

When you do that you’ll be able to write across the top. The three main areas that we’re going to be setting goals in and these are the areas I use. You can pick the ones that best for you but I pick them and personal on the first column. I want to take care of myself first. I’m not being selfish here but I’m making sure that I’m getting what I really want.

Some of my health goals go into those personal goals settings and I’ll share some examples with you to the next column will be relationships. So these are the people that are most important in your life. These are the people that you love. These could be your family could be your friends could be your children could be your mother’s father. You could be anyone. And the third column here is going to be professional. This is a place for you if you’re a business owner it’s going to be all about your business.

If you are working in a job it will be about your career. But these three columns really do make up most of our lives. And so when you look at this and this first piece of paper you’ve got three columns you’ve got personal relationships and professional. Now what I did was I wrote down everything I wanted to create in the next 12 months. And each of those columns. Don’t let yourself be tempted to try to figure out how you’re going to do it. This is a place for you to dream a little bit.

This is a place for you to really think about what’s important to you. And I want you to do that with just you know just stream of thought. Just take your time to write down the things that you really want. Now some of these goals may have been that you carry over from last year that you didn’t hit because I have some of those. Some of them may have been on your goal list for decades. And I have one that I’ll share with you. I’ve been on a journey to lose weight.

My knee has been hurting for almost a year and I wanted to create do everything I could. I’ve seen doctors I’ve gone to physical therapy and my knee has not been getting better. So I decided I’m going to lose some weight. And so I’ve already started this goal. But I want to keep it going I want to really push it to the next level so on my personal side I’ve got to get to 180 pounds at 10 percent body fat. I haven’t been there since I’ve been married. And I say that honestly it’s been a goal of mine for probably more than a decade and I’ve done very little to get there. I’m committed and I’ll share with you some of the details behind that. The actual process so in step one, you’re going to write down exactly what you want in each of these columns.

If you have anything that spans a column then what I would suggest that you do is draw a box around it and make it span across it. So I have an example I want to take my family on a month vacation. Now I do plan on working but I want to take us to Italy for a month in July. That’s one of my goals but it actually crosses across personal and relationship. That’s an example for you. Now I do suggest that you get as specific as you can but this is a place for you to dream a little bit.

Don’t filter yourself don’t worry about how. Don’t worry about your resources. Don’t worry about anything other than what do you really want. And so you’ll end up having a piece of paper that looks a lot like this. Now that’s step one step two is for you to actually highlight your master goals highlight the ones that mean the most to you. I marked me in red so I just do a little red box around the ones that mean the most what I mean by master goal is if you looked at your goals one of the goals may actually be something that if you hit it makes everything else possible. So I’ll give an example in mind a revenue goal for the year.

I have a big revenue go for the year I grew last year I grew the year before that but I want to step it up to the next level. I want to add to my team. I want to go on that vacation so that revenue goal will allow me to do the things I want to do and so it really is kind of a master goal. So you’re going to create those master goals that allow you to focus on the vital few instead of you know everything because it’s hard to do everything at once. You can have two of these or three of these or five of these but the fewer you have the more likely you are to really align yourself to achieving these goals.

Now I’ve got one too I’ve got six right. You may not be able to read what they are. It’s not important what my goals are. I have nothing of you know secrecy here but I want you to pick what goals mean the most to you. Those master goals and if you select them you can highlight them with a highlighter if you want. I just chose to do them and read now the third step is to get the second piece of paper and the second piece of paper will be the kind of a little bit of a plan to create this in your life. Now we’ve read first we’ve been looking at this for the entire year and so now we want to get much more specific. I chose to again take this one sheet of paper and I drew a line down the left column and I’m going to write a column to create three kind of tabs three markups on one page and so I put across the top. January 2020 February 2020 to March 2020.

So I call this the milestone list. If I want to hit the goals inside of my year then I’ve got to get really specific about the milestones in each of the months in the first quarter. If I get the first quarter right and set up to hit the rest of the year. Right so I’m willing to put a lot more emphasis on the now versus the future and this gives you a chance to get really specific about what you want to do in January. What you want to do in February and what you want to do in March.

Now what I end up putting on here is the weight that I want to end January with. I want to end the weight at one eighty-nine. I’m currently at one ninety-four so I’ve got five more pounds to lose and so that’s just a milestone to give me an example. I’ve got February at 1 84 and I’ve got March at 180. Now it gives me a chance to actually be at my goal by the end of March may not work that way in your world. You may have it spread out in over the entire year.

I’ve got my revenue goal by month. I’ve got some of the habits or rituals that I’m putting into place and each month. So I want to train at the gym daily. I’m going to go to the gym daily. I’m going to do something physical daily I’m going to plan my meals. I’m going to do it. Those are the things that you write down. It’s kind of the rituals that will help you get there and this gives you a chance to get very specific. Another one of my big goals is to have four date nights with my wife inside of January and four in February and four in March and I’ve got some very specific things that are to me.

But your list will look a lot like this. So you can keep referring back to this list every day. You can see where you are on this and this is all in step three step four is answering a few questions. Those few questions are really kind of the deleverage of this entire process because now we know where we’re going we know specifically what we need to do over the next couple of months or few months and you’ve got to change some things in your life. So there are three questions I want you to answer and it’s best to actually write these out by hand.

I did this morning for myself but you want to look at the first question is how will others benefit after you achieve the goals on your list. This gives you a chance to go beyond yourself and look at who will benefit. How will your family benefit? How will your children benefit? How will your wife or your spouse or your significant other? How will your clients benefit? How will your church benefit? How will your friends benefit? Be specific. This is a chance for you to get a little bit more emotional about who will benefit beyond yourself. Now you may have written down that you want to get a new convertible. Okay great. That’s a goal that you want. But who else will benefit from that?

Maybe it’s tripped out with the family so that’s just an example the second question I want you to answer with this process is who will. Who will you become in order to make this goal a reality? If you really think about what does it take for you to achieve that goal or to receive that goal you will become someone new and you must be clear about what those are the character traits of who you become. If you can define what they are then you will be able to show up that way more regular you will be able to show up that way intentionally.

Every day you every week every time you sit down to two you know for me to eat right. I’ve got to plan ahead if I don’t plan ahead. I end up grabbing something that’s right there in front of me and it’s probably not the best choice. I love Chick fil A. Maybe you hate it but it’s easy to go by there and pick up something but that doesn’t really allow me to be to create my goals doesn’t give me that put me in control unless I plan my meals. So that’s an example I’ve got I’ve got to be intentional about my meals.

So the last question is really the powerful question here which is what do you need to stop doing and what do you need to start doing. So everything that you’ve been doing right now has allowed you to have the life that you have right now. Your level of income inside your bank is a reflection of who you’ve been over the last six months or maybe further back if you want to change that reality. You’ve got to look at what you need to stop doing and look at what you need to start doing.

So as an example I probably watch too much TV. I work hard all day long and I know that I need to stop watching TV at night and letting my mind suck into it. I’m not saying it’s bad but I’ll probably watch too much at the end of the evening and I probably stay up too late. And it keeps me from getting up earlier so what I need to stop doing watching so much TV during the week I need to limit that to maybe 30 minutes a day watching a comedy or something and then I need to get to bed and I get to bed earlier.

I can rise earlier and get to the gym and get my workout in before the day starts. That’s an example of what you need to stop doing and start doing. I’m sharing a little bit of my life with you because I’m an open book. I want to have an amazing 2020. And I bet you do too. If we look back over this again just summing this up the four-step process takes three sheets of paper the first sheet of paper you will get my example here you will create. Three little panels like this and you will write personal relationships and professional across the top and then you will write down each of the things you want to accomplish in each of those columns.

The second step to highlight the ones that are the master goals. I did mine and read so just highlight the things that are so important to you that that really do drive you. And if you achieve them that makes everything else easier.

If you want a big vacation you probably got to make more money to be able to afford that like me. So that’s part two part three is to create a similar list but you’re going to get much more specific around the milestones that you want to achieve in the next three months.

So the first quarter of January February and March what are the milestones that allow you to do that and what are the rituals that you want to do it. You know one of my rituals is date night so I want for date nights every month. And so I’ve got that across on each of the columns. It was really easy to figure this out. Now the last step is the three questions that I’m just going to quickly rattle them off.

How will others benefit after you achieve these goals? Just list out. Write it out for yourself. This is about why you’re doing it. Who will you become in order to make this goal a reality? Who will you become to make this goal a reality? And then third is what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing to make all this happen. This is very logical. This is this has some emotional elements into it but I want to give you a simple framework. If you want to make 2020 amazing I give it to you.

I’m not asking you to opt-in for anything I’m not asking you to hire me I’m not asking you to do anything other than hit put will ask you that if you’re watching this you’ve watched already to the end comment on me about a goal that I could hold you accountable to that if you’re on Facebook with me. If I sent you a message in a month from now or at the end of the quarter that you would be able to say yeah I did it or no I didn’t. You’d be able to maybe even celebrate with me.

I would love to know a goal that you want me to hold you accountable to you can just put your top goal up there you can. You can put two if you want or three whatever you’re comfortable with. If you want to save me a direct message that’s fine too but I would love for you to comment on no. Did you actually do this process are you really stepping up inside of 2020 to be the leader that you want to be to be the person that creates their own reality.

My name is Gene Hammett. I work with a successful high performing leader. I help them you know to create more reality in their life by pushing themselves and challenging them to be the leader that they really want to be. You may not be a leader today but I do want to remind you that in order to create a new reality create new goals you have to show up differently. This is your chance. 2020 is not only a new year it’s a new decade. So go for it. If I can help you anyway. Make sure you reach out to me.

My name is Gene Hammett. I’ll talk to you soon.

Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


Achieve Your Goals this Year



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