Gene Hammett - Leadership Coach

Connect with like-minded Founders, Presidents, and CEOs that empathize with you for a unique experience. Join the top 1% in terms of revenue growth to
scale your company faster.

Imagine having eight trusted advisors that can see your blinds spots and advise you on your next step. The key here is TRUST. When you have people you can trust in your corner, you can share what is really going on. And you will grow faster than doing it alone. In the Fast Growth Boardroom, proven leaders share what is working for them now and collaborate together to navigate through issues.


You take your company to the level of your dreams.

What is the Fast Growth Boardroom?

Think of this experience as a collaborative mastermind with other inspiring leaders who are innovative, fun, and willing to share their wisdom to help catapult you to the next level. All of this facilitated by Gene Hammett, your Executive Coach, who for the last ten years, has helped successful leaders become visionary leaders with fast-growing companies and unshakable confidence.

Joining the Fast Growth Boardroom will allow you to:

  • Develop a self-managing company.
  • Allow you to create and lead a team of A-players.
  • Gain the skills to empower your team to take ownership of their projects, goals, and the client experience.
  • Discover the power of coaching your employees through their challenges, so they become more effective leaders.
  • Increase the value of your company when it is time to exit.

The Fast Growth Boardroom Isn’t For Everyone.

You must be a Founder, CEO, or President of a company whose growth rate allowed you to be honored on the Inc 5000. You must be driven to take the company and yourself to the next level. You must be coachable and willing to evolve beyond where you are now.

Our Core Values

Bias Toward Action

Courage Over Comfort

Be Humble,
Stay Hungry

Have Fun

Make Life Better
for Others

Seek Failure
to Grow

No Excuses

Your Limits

The Fast Growth Boardroom is Unique.

Every peer-to-peer group is different. The #1 issue for why they don’t work for people is that they do not contain the right people. In the Fast Growth Boardroom, you will mastermind with other Founders, Presidents, and CEOs from the Inc 5000. Like you, they understand the chaos and velocity created by fast growth, so you can continue your plans to accelerate while being supported by other leaders who understand your unique circumstances.


What is included in the
Fast Growth Boardroom?

1 Two-hour private 1:1
Kickoff call with Gene

Start off working directly with Gene to identify the most critical projects. This is a private coaching session and customized for you. You will leave with a game plan for the year to achieve your goals. In two hours, we can cover what is going on in the business and you as a leader.

4 Private Coaching Sessions
(one per quarter) with Gene

Each quarter you get a private coaching session with Gene to work through any issues. We will review your progress and identify any sticking points. These coaching sessions will give you insights into your blind spots and tools to help you the ways you sabotage yourself.

12 Live Monthly Small Group Mastermind Calls

Each month leaders will jump on a live Zoom call to discuss the group’s latest challenges and strategies. Members will be grouped into pods -- limited to eight per pod -- by their goals and company size to ensure the right people are in the right pod. Each pod will act as your board of advisors to ensure you are making the right decisions. These are virtual experiences facilitated by Gene.

12 Live, Done-With-You Implementation Labs 1-2 hours

Deeper work sessions that will allow you to take time to work ON the business. Every other month you get support and guidance on high-value topics that lead you to be the visionary that your team deserves. Topics include The Vision, Living Your Values, Make Your Time Work, Inspiring Ownership, Mastering Your Inner Dialogue, etc.

1 Live, Fast Growth Experience*

Join us for the Fast Growth Experience to expand what’s working and deepen relationships with other group members. Elevate your company at this premier event which is designed specifically to help you accelerate your company faster and expand as a leader. The next Fast Growth Experience will include three days of growth plus a track session racing Porsches at the Porsche Test Track in Atlanta, GA (where you can legally drive 120 mph!).

Do you want to join other proven leaders
to grow the company of your dreams?

(Yes, we raced Porsches.)

Do You Think You Can
Grow Your Company Quicker
By Yourself?

What are you missing in your company that is costing you dearly? How many talented employees are you losing because you don’t have the right culture for them? How much profit are you losing because of something that you don’t even know about? Can you be a stronger and more effective leader? You can't afford to guess anymore.

This mastermind is only for people who fit certain criteria — top-level leaders who are fun, passionate, and love growth as much as we do — and membership is granted on a case-by-case basis.

If it feels like you don't have time for something else, then I want you to think about how much faster you could elevate your company by learning from peers who are growing faster than you.

If you think you’re a good fit and ready to invest in the membership and your time… Then we would love for you to apply.

After you submit your application, we will contact you to chat about your membership. (If you are accepted, there is no obligation to join — but you really should!)

Apply today to get the resources and support you need to grow your company faster.



We've got A's for your Q's

Q: What exactly do I get when I join “Fast Growth Boardroom?”

A. Join today, and you get immediate access to the following:

  • A Monthly Live Group Calls with Gene Hammett (recorded) is a mastermind with founders, presidents, and CEOs from Inc 5000 companies.
  • PRIVATE coaching with Gene when you begin and every quarter to support you through your breakthroughs.
  • Support through Implementation Labs that will be done-with-you on specific strategies that are working now to accelerate growth and tame the chaos fast growth causes. You also get exclusive access that can be shared with your employees.
  • Free access to all benefits for your partner, co-founder, and/or another key employee to help you integrate all learnings.  

Q: Will Fast Growth Boardroom be worth my time?

A. I’ve helped hundreds of founders, presidents, and CEOs with executive coaching over the last ten years. All of them have come away with the same truth: If you don’t have the right systems in place, your company will struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, small, or big company, you must have systems that allow you to scale.

In the Fast Growth Boardroom, we will follow the Fast-Growth Framework™ to guide you to your next level. You get insight from your peers in the Inc5000 as well as avoid potential areas of risk.

Q: How is this different from other peer-to-peer groups?

A: The most significant difference is this is not just a collection of people who have the money to pay for it. The Fast Growth Boardroom is ONLY for founders, presidents, and CEOs of Inc 5000 level companies. You will be surrounded by others that understand the challenges of fast growth and people that you can trust to guide you beyond where you are now. Additionally, each gathering will be facilitated by Gene who has worked with hundreds of other fast growth leaders just like you. He can easily help you with the strategies of growth and identify the areas where leaders tend to sabotage themselves.

Q: Do I get to talk directly to Gene on the monthly calls?

A: Yes. Our monthly group calls are always led by Gene and include information sharing, strategies, and Q&A. The calls are recorded and you can submit our questions prior to the call.

Q: Is there a Contract?

A: There is a 3-month agreement when you start. Cancel anytime after the three months with 30 days’ notice. BONUS is you get to invite a partner, co-founder, or key employee to join you in this experience.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: If you are asking about a refund before you jump in, then this is not the program for you. We don’t want people jumping into the program that is looking for a way out. If it is indeed a trust issue, we highly recommend you check out the over 1000 pieces of free content on these three links. or or  

Q: Are there additional costs?

The Fast Growth Experience is for active members of the Fast Growth Boardroom. As an active member, you will have the ability to come to a live experience (ie The Porsche Event) each year. The experience’s price will vary from event to event. The Porsche racing event is $2500 per person (includes food, hotel, and racing experience). Other experiences will be a different fee.