Case Study Interviews with Clients

These case study interviews will help you see the story behind the leader. I love what I do. What I really love about it is the RESULTS that my clients get from a dose of clarity and new found courage to be the leader they have always wanted to be. Enjoy these interviews that are also like case studies. Each one is unique, yet they all have a common framework that can be repeated.

We have other episodes that have content to improve transformational leadership, improve your marketing or discover leadership productivity tips.

You may also like to see other episodes of Leaders in the Trenches that I call the Best of Interviews.

One huge benefit of having a podcast is share stories to inspire others to grow and become transformational leaders. As a coach and a consult, I love interviewing my clients to give others special access to the work I do and results that are capable.

GTT Featuring Adam Petrilli

How to Create an Organization that Adapts Quickly with Adam Petrilli at Web Presence

You want to create an organization that adapts quickly. My guest today is Adam Petrilli, Founder of Web Presence. His company was ranked #208 in the 2019 Inc 5000 list. Discover how to create an organization that adapts quickly.

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207 | How to Grow Your Business 400% with Ron Dod


Ron DodMaking the shift to massive growth is not about luck. It is not all about hard work. You can work hard and never get there. Ron shares how he shifted his thinking to take his company to 7-figure success in 12 months. That is a 400% growth. We share how he stopped working some clients and stopped offering some services to get there. Ron Dod is a Co-founder with Visiture. This interview will give you a play-by-play if you let it. Read more

184 | The Foundation to Start Your Business with Mortgage Broker Ryan Boughen

Ryan Boughen

Breaking free to a new level is rarely achieved by doing more of what you are already doing. And doing what everyone in your industry is doing is actually the hard way. I say this hoping to inspire courage within you to do something new and dare I say…different. Ryan Boughen is our guest in this episode and he shares what he did in his mortgage business to get to the next level.

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130 | The Importance of The Profitable Niche with Jason Swenk

Jason SwenkThink of this as a case study on the PROFITABLE NICHE where we explore the depth you can take a niched coaching business in 12 months. Jason Swenk is today’s guest with a powerful story about the focus on your specific audience. Jason is a coach to digital agencies that strive to hit $1million in revenue and beyond. His fast track growth to $50,000 in sales per month (with only part-time help) is incredible. Discover what Jason had to let go of to reach this point plus what he believes are his critical factors to success. My hope is that Jason’s story inspires you to take action to claim the clients that are ready for you and appreciate your work.

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Jason’s Target Audience: serves digital agency owners who are under 10 million looking to grow a 7- 8 figure agency.

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125 | A Case Study in Turning Around A Struggling Business with Drew Pearson

Drew PearsonHave you ever struggled to make payroll? Have you ever stressed over taking your business to the next level? Well, most entrepreneurs have been there before; however, it does not have to be that way. Drew Pearson, Owner of Ninja Multimedia, shares his journey so that it may help you. Drew took a chance by attending an event with me. Afterward, we had one coaching session to fine-tune his strategy so that he could turn around his business. Drew has always done excellent work, (and get lots of referrals) but he needed to change his business development approach. Listen to Drew tell you how he turned around his business so that he could be proactive in his sales strategy.
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Drew’s Target Audience: Drew now mostly targets medical communication clients.

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079 Jeremiah Claybrooks | The Story of Struggle to Success

Taking contract work to make ends meet…burning the midnight oil with freelance clients…balancing work and family…living with stress all the time.  Does this story sound similar to yours?

Discover what Jeremiah Claybrooks did to end this struggle and end up with a business that makes him incredibly happy.  In fact, we talk with Jeremiah about what he called his “happiness level”.  Don’t miss his practical and actionable tip at the end of the episode.

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