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Get 3 New Clients with your Next Speaking Engagement

Do you need clients?

Speaking is a great way to establish credibility and expertise, providing great lead opportunities and new clients.

When it came to getting clients from speaking gigs, I realized I made 3 big mistakes!  Listen to this video and find out what those mistakes where… who knows it might be the very thing you are doing that is keeping you from landing speaking gigs that lead to clients.
HINT: If you want to get more clients in your next speaking engagement, you first have to get booked at the RIGHT event.
BIG AHA: Filling out speaking applications is NOT the answer… but strategic email engagement is…
If you want the 5 templates to get booked on the RIGHT stages…use this link: http://leadersinthetrenches.com/email-templates-simple

Speaking to Get Clients – Annoyed with the Speaker

Do you want to use speaking as a way to get clients?  Do you ever feel annoyed with the speaker on stage?

Have you ever been sitting in the audience listening to the person speaking and think: “I could deliver that speech better than they are.”

 To be honest, I have.  Even to the point of being annoyed at having to listen to a poorly executed speech, wasting my time and theirs.  This annoyance is exactly what spurred me to start speaking.  To put myself out there and take the stage.

The good news is, you don’t have to sit in the audience you CAN take the stage… even the big stages.  It’s just a matter of commitment to sharing your message and willingness to do what it takes to get on the stage.  Let me ask is your desire bigger than your fear?  Because your audience is waiting on you… it needs you…

Watch the video to be inspired to take action and share in the comment area on what is driving you forward to take the stage?

181 | How Meeting Planners Think with Shirley Hogsett

Shirley Hogsett

If you want to be a speaker (paid or unpaid), you want to understand how meeting planners think.  In this episode, Shirley Hogsett shares her years of experience on working with meeting planners to help you understand how to contact and engage meeting planners. Shirley operates the Destiny Speakers Bureau.


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176 | Performing to Steal the Show with Michael Port

Michael PortWhen you “steal the show,” you are performing at your highest levels. Do you want to be a better performer in all of life’s important moments? Do you want to influence your audience when it counts – during sales conversations, business presentations, keynote speeches, and more – and succeed in high-stakes situations? We have 5-time NY best selling author, Michael Port, on the
show today and he shares his wisdom on performing at your highest level. This is for speakers, coaches, consultants and just about anybody ready to raise their game.

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140 | Get the Gig: Series 3 of 3 with Gene Hammett

Gene HammettToday, I share with you the the third episode in this “Get the Gig” series and what personally works for me. I’ll be specifically honing in on “unpaid” gigs that produce big payoffs. Getting on the stage requires that you get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. I’ll be sharing the common myths and mistakes people make in the process of booking their speaking gigs. And even more importantly how to land your gigs.

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

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139 | Get the Gig – Speaker Series 2 of 3 with Chris Brogan

Chris BroganTaking the stage is a great way to promote your business and claim your authority. You can do it at local events or your next step might be national events or perhaps you are ready to get paid. Discover the insider secrets with today’s guest, Chris Brogan. Chris is a powerful and entertaining speaker. He shares what he has learned in his many years of getting paid well for speaking to corporations and even a 6th grade class too.

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Target Audience: Chris is the CEO of Owner Media Group people that helps entrepreneurs who be more human at a distance.

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138 | Get the Gig – Speaker Series 1 of 3 with Jane Atkinson

Jane AtkinsonSpeaking on stages big or small is a great way to grow your business and position your authority.  If you have a message or just a desire to share your core belief, you can get some great tips inside this episode.  Today’s guest is Jane Atkinson, author of “The Wealthy Speaker 2.0,” helps speakers catapult their business to the next level.  Jane is best known for helping people take big stages and get big money too.  She shares how you can position yourself from commodity to authority.

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Target Audience: Jane specifically serves those who already speak professionally or those who would like to speak more and fit under the umbrella of being an expert.

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124 | Speaking to Transform Your Business with Amy Mead and Michael Port

Amy Mead and Michael PortTaking the stage is a privilege and an honor. The audience deserves all you can give them. Most speakers focus on the content so much that they forget the important aspects of the performance. Well, today is my privilege to share with you the interview with Amy Mead and Michael Port. Amy is a top ranked speaker coach and Co-Founder of Heroic Public Speaking (HPS). Michael is also a Co-Founder of HPS.

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Michael’s and Amy’s Target Audience: Michael and Amy work with individuals who have the desire to improve their speaking abilities and make them compelling and take it to the stage. This includes anyone from keynote speakers, to professionals who want to lead better, or someone preparing for an interview.

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