Interview with a Billionaire, Naveen Jain

How to craft your moonshot is a powerful interview with a self-made billionaire, Naveen Jain. Naveen is out to transform healthcare and make chronic diseases a matter of choice. This is part 2 of the full interview. Discover how to craft your moonshot with powerful questions.

We also talk about what to do with your moonshot in the interview.


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Hey there!

I wanted to write you a personal letter on how this interview has changed me and the crafting of my moonshot. When I recorded the interview, I didn’t feel well. I had a head cold. But I wanted to connect with Naveen. I had heard him on an interview for another podcast. It was powerful, and I loved Naveen’s energy. Nothing was going to keep me away from our time together.

As Naveen, talked about his moonshots (yes, he is operating two right now). I felt like I needed more clarity on my core mission. I had the desire to create something BIG and BOLD. I wanted a mission that others would think was crazy…and I wanted to have it inspire me to think bigger.  Well, I can tell you immediately after the interview, I used the questions proposed by Naveen to think about my moonshot. It came to me. Something that most would say is impossible. That is fine with me. I feel like thinking more significant than ever before.

My moonshot of a mission is this “I see a world where everyone LOVES Mondays.”  Period. Full Stop.

I want leaders to create organizations that are filled with opportunity, growth, and a deep feeling of fulfillment for all the people in the organization. This would be amazing to lead this movement.

I share my moonshot with you…now will you share yours with me. Here is a link to my calendar for 30 minutes (no pitch call).

Best Regards!


Gene Hammett

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