Enemies To Your Vision – Writing Your Vision

We all face challenges in life and our businesses. Failure is a natural part of life and business.  You will face challenges and failures in creating and implementing your VISION, but don’t worry, you can overcome these challenges.

An “enemy” in this instance is anything that limits or blocks the creation of your VISION. As you read this list, think about how these enemies could affect you and how you would overcome these challenges.

#1 I know what to do, I don’t need a VISION.

#2 VISIONS take too long, I am in a hurry.

#3 I have a project plan (or business plan, strategy, blueprint, etc.) already.

#4 It is impossible.

#5 It is too expensive.

#6 It will take too long.

#7 I lack the skills to include that in my VISION.

#8 I need to shoot lower because that is too hard (or big).

#9 Your beliefs, opinions, and assessments (these limit what you see as possible).

#10 Spending too much time on your VISION.

Number 10 is especially important. A VISION needs to live and become a reality.  If you spend too much time creating your VISION, you will find it hard to take action when needed.  A VISION is critical to your success, but do not get paralyzed and lack the drive to make your VISION real.