The First Step to Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leaders in the TrenchesThere is a joy and peace to staying in your comfort zone. The comfort zone is safe. The comfort zone is “home” to us. We want the predictability that comes with being in our comfort zone. And we will fight anything that threatens to move us out of it.

However, many people get stuck in their comfort zone and believe that life is just about finding and staying in there. When you are in the comfort zone, you avoid risk and attempt to keep it easy and comfortable. Is this really even living? But this thinking is detrimental to your growth and stretching to a new level.

I am fortunate enough in my profession as a business coach to talk to so many people about life, business and a new future. Most everyone enjoys talking about this new future. It is the big vision they have for themselves and the goals that have yet to be attained. They talk about all parts of their life…mainly because I ask them about it. Just this week I had more than a dozen conversations with people I barely know about their vision. There is clarity about what they want, yet they can’t put into words what keeps them from their success.

You might disagree with me about this concept of staying in your “comfort zone”. But I have found that we become so emotionally attached to our lives that it’s hard to see the real truth without a completely new, outside perspective. Either you believe that you are not stuck in the comfort zone or you don’t believe there is a future outside of our comfort zone. This is your choice as it always is. However, if you are not getting what you want in life, you will benefit from the wisdom that I am about to share with you.

It is not a step-by-step plan…everyone that writes about such stuff gives you the 5 step or 7 part plan to move outside your comfort zone. I am going to take a different approach here. I am going to give you the one step that you can take to get you started. It is a super easy step and doesn’t even require you to take any real action!

The first step to moving out of your comfort zone

Your first step is to understand what fear you have or what you are avoiding by staying comfortable. Ok, maybe this is isn’t that easy, but it not as hard as “Just Do It!” as the Nike slogan that took over the late 80s and 90s says. If you “just do it” every chance you get, then great. But so many people need to dig deeper into their own reasons to find the courage to step outside of “comfort”.

In working with hundreds of business owners, I have found it is better to understand first what is keeping you where you are. Understand the fear. Understand the resistance. Understand the reason why you stay in your comfort zone.

Once you understand it. I mean REALLY understand it, you can decide if this is real or not. You can decide how you want to BE in life or business. You can decide how you want to be remembered.

Tweet this: “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” ~ Sun Tzu

I shared earlier that many people love to talk about their vision or their BIG goals…but as the conversation gets more personal and tough, we talk about what keeps them where they are. This is where they really don’t have words because they don’t spend much time understanding the fears and resistance to having what they really want.

The BIG question that goes with this

I have found that a bit of self-reflection here goes a long way. I often ask a tough question to my clients, friends and even the audiences where I speak to big groups. It is a big question…”Who do you need to BE to have the success you want?” I know a tough one, right? This one question is essential to your success. It relates to understanding your fears that keep you in your comfort zone and is meant to get you to really think beyond the “goals” and other accomplishments that you want to achieve in your life.

Tweet this: “Who do you need to BE to have the success you want?” ~ Gene Hammett

Again you have a choice…stay in comfort and hope that a new future comes your way. Or you can take some time to understand what you are really avoiding that keeps you from your future. This is applies to all parts of life and business.

Share in the comments of this page your BIG vision and go a step further and have the courage to share the new awareness of what is keeping you in your comfort zone.

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