Growth Leadership – New Actions

You can’t reach a new goal or achieve something new in your life if you keep doing what you are doing. If you want to be an outstanding leader, you must be willing to look deep into your way of being to find a new way forward. I too have struggled with this over the years. It is uncomfortable to face the reality of the way you have shown up in the past.

I shared in today’s video the idea of taking new actions. This is important because you want to grow in new ways. And if you WANT something new you must be willing to DO something new.

You are getting right now what you have been doing. This works in business and personal life.

If you wanted to lose a few pounds, you have to change what you are doing. If you’re going to spend more time with your family, you have to change your priorities. If you want to be a stronger leader, you have to do something new.

If you are with me on this, the key now is to define what NEW actions are available to you.

Finding New Actions

When you want to find new actions, you have to change your perspective. This means that you have to look at the result you want with fresh eyes.

The External

You may look at it through the eyes of someone that has already accomplished what you want. That works sometimes. This is the external approach. I interview hundreds of people to do this on a regular basis. I do record them for the podcast because others want to look through the eyes of these leaders.

If looking at others, gives you insight into something new…stop there and make it happen.

The Internal

If you don’t get the new actions, looking at others…you must look at yourself. You have to question your perspective. This is the internal approach. If you want new actions, you have to access what you are doing without your preconceived biases. In other words, don’t let your fears, doubt, or limiting beliefs keep you from seeing the new actions.

Finding your new actions means you may have to stop letting fear keep you from seeing the real path. You may also avoid the hard way. The easy route is usually not the best way for growth.

I didn’t become an advisor to fast-growth companies immediately. I started working with web designers. I spent a few years only working with web designers to grow their businesses. As I grew to new industries, I had to let go of the comfort of working with the previous founders and leaders. This is a never-ending journey of growth to find new actions. I started the podcast by doing something new. I started big stage speaking to do something new. I started writing for business publications like Success, Inc, and Entrepreneur to do something new.

What are your NEW ACTIONS?

Finding new actions requires you to look beyond where you are now. Take time to think about embracing the strategies that you have avoided. We all need time to grow and let our thinking shift. Don’t accept the path forward is just working harder and more hours. You can’t outwork a bad strategy.

Find new actions that will allow you to create new results.