Helpfulness Guide

The purpose of this document is to clearly articulate what you can do to help increase its impact on the world of leadership. I help high-performing leaders achieve even greater results. I’d love for you to help me reach the leaders that have the drive and confidence to become world-class leaders. 

#1 Review My Book “The Trap of Success” on Amazon

➜ Purchase the book (paperback or Kindle)

➜ If you prefer audio books, send me your Amazon receipt and I will give you a promo code for Audible.

➜ Write a simple, honest review of my book for Amazon. These reviews signal to others the value of reading the book. This is really the most importart step. 

#2 Subscribe to the Podcast

➜ Subscribe to to go directly to the BEST shows on one page.

➜ Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast player.

➜ Use the 1st email to select your favorite podcast player platform (e.g., iTunes or Stitcher).

#3 Rate and Review the Podcast

  1. Subscribe to the podcast and listen to an episode (some are less than 6 minutes).
  2. Rate the show with an honest rating — a 5 ⭐rating is certainly appreciated.
  3. Write a Review. Take just a few minutes and share why you like the show in three sentences.
  4. Share your review (screenprint if possible) with the team so we can appreciate you.

#4 Help Us Reach More Leaders

➜ Link directly to our website with the page you like the most.

➜ Include your favorite interview in an email to your subscribers.

➜ Blog or Vlog about your insights about the show — we can even get you a player code so the episode plays inside your website if you want.

➜ Share your favorite episode on your favorite social channel

#5 Referrals to Other Successful Leaders

➜ The BEST compliment you can give us is to personally refer Gene Hammett directly to a high-performing leader that wants to continue to evolve as a leader

➜ Mention the impact you have gotten from working with Gene Hammett or just from listening to a video or podcast that Gene has created. 

Thank you for any help you can do for

We appreciate it and value the relationships that make this amazing company grow to impact leaders that want to inspire others to a higher level.