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Imagine you no longer feel behind, and you can work on the most essential elements of company growth.

You have the time to think about your strategy and see around the corners to prepare for the future.

You have time to lead and empower your team forward instead of just attending meetings and taming your inbox.

You even have time to take care of yourself instead of fitting it in around all of your work.

End the struggles of starting each day with a list of to-dos but never having the time to finish them.

Your time is precious.

Across the board, CEOs struggle with time optimization – not just managing your time, but making it work for you.

Do you get pulled into meetings you shouldn't attend?

Your calendar is the first place I look when an executive says they feel overwhelmed and over-scheduled. We look at the energy drainers and figure out how to minimize them so you can spend your time on the most valuable CEO activities.

Are you getting too many emails?

The way you see your inbox is likely the reason you feel overwhelmed when it comes to email. One approach I have used with clients in regards to their email gets to the heart of the matter of your inbox. Then, you get crystal clear on how to improve your email flow and reduce the volume of emails you have to process. You get to spend your energy on the real work of visionary leadership.

Do you spend your time on the most valuable strategies and tactics or the other stuff?

Every CEO is pulled in many directions. It is a constant battle to stay focused on the most valuable work. Your emotions can also get in the way of how you spend your time. I will share with you a proven model for keeping you focused on your essential work that drives your business forward now and into the future.

I was skeptical about whether working with a coach could change how our company would grow. I always thought if we just put our heads down and did the work that the cash would flow. And what I realized after working with an executive coach that most of my day now is on stuff that has nothing to do with directly generating revenue. It’s all about making sure our team is empowered to take ownership of their work. It’s no longer just me, we have more leaders in the company creating new revenue growth. It’s a totally different year for me compared to last year. It’s been really valuable working with Gene.

Mike Woeber, Corporate Tax Advisors
(2-time Inc 5000 Company)

Open your eyes...

Getting up earlier is not the key to getting more done. Being more productive isn’t either.

Here is your next step...

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Just for CEOs to discover what is getting in the way of you doing your most important work. This is a private coaching session (and some premium bonses) to help you optimize your time. I will help you uncover the time and energy drainers that keep you from playing at your highest level as the CEO of your company.

Let go of your day-to-day and become the VISIONARY LEADER your team deserves.

What You Get: A private 90-minute coaching session with Gene Hammett, Executive Coach to exclusively to Founders and CEOs of Inc. 5000, that examines all aspects of your time and energy. Nothing is off-limits to help you optimize your time.

How this offer is DIFFERENT: This is NOT a 6-week program to help you...I coach CEOs all the time and they complain about all the time they waste on doing training programs, so I listened.

I am offering you private coaching that is 1-on-1 with me. You don't have to listen to other people's challenges. You get exactly what you need and we collaborate to create a specific, customized plan for YOU and YOUR specific challenges to optimize your time.

This special offer is
only $500.

The value of the 90-minutes of coaching alone is worth way more than $1500.

Add to that once you start to implement what we discuss,

you save 8+ hours per week

which is a crazy valuable ROI.

Plus you get 2 AMAZING BONUSES too ...

Bonus #1:

The Tools Playbook

Discover how to use your TIME technology with guidelines and rules to improve your calendar and email with SOPs -- these are broken into UNITS that can also be shared with your Executive Assistant or anyone else on your team to keep your TIME optimized (12+ video units to share with your team). 



Bonus #2:

The Time Clarity Workshop with Peer CEOs

A half-day workshop where Gene answers your questions and delivers you unique ways to get clear on your next big project. Get coaching and leadership frameworks in a small group experience with other Inc 5000 CEOs.

All of you will learn together what your NEXT STEP for growth and making your time work for you. This is a virtual experience, the last time I hosted a similar experience live for Inc 5000 leaders it was $5000 per person. 

$1500 Value

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Get a 90-minute private coaching session plus three bonuses to optimize YOUR time.

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Gene Hammett

Meet Gene Hammett

Gene is a leading expert on high-growth company culture and leadership specifically within Inc. 5000 companies. He has decades of experience with more than $40 million in revenue for the companies he has led and owned. Gene has studied and interviewed more than 530 CEOs of high-growth companies to understand the core principles of fast growth. He is the executive coach to dozens of Inc. 5000 companies to activate new growth and reduce the high cost of ineffective leadership.

After 15 years of being a serial entrepreneur, Gene has built teams and taken many companies to 2 X and even 3 X growth. He has worked with more than three dozen companies on the Inc 5000 list.

Since 2014, his show, Growth Think Tank, has been recognized by Inc., Business Insider, and Entrepreneur for its insight on growth and sales leadership.

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