Growth Leadership – Continuous Improvement

Look at the Game Film

I study success and growth in business with hundreds of interviews with amazing people. I look for patterns and share back what I learn with you. One way to create a breakthrough is to look back at the past. In sports, this is called looking at the game film. It is a process of looking back at how you have performed. It takes candid honest with yourself if you want to grow.

Do this first if you want to know how to create a breakthrough and develop NEW actions.

You are looking at details that can be changed to improve your performance as a leader. Look how you showed up in terms of your mood or your tone of voice. Also, look at the results you got from the way you showed up. This is not easy to be brutally honest with yourself. It does get easier though.

As a professional speaker, I often look at videos of me speaking at events. It is hard. No let me be honest. It sucks in the beginning. I know I have a great message. I know I know it to my soul. Yet I don’t always say it the way I want it said. I don’t always get the audience to take the actions I offer. Over the last six years, I can see my growth as a speaker…and as a leader. Looking back at the “game film” pays off in the journey of growth.

In sports, teams and coaches live by the game film. They detail out everything that allows them to improve. They move players and change plays called. The game film is something they all use to get better.

Look for the areas you want to improve.