Growth Think Tank with Christopher Grandpre

Creating a Culture of Caring with Chris Grandpre at Outdoor Living Brands

Business leaders often forget to honestly care about the people that have committed to work together. Creating a culture of caring may sound touchy-feely. The truth is our companies are scaling because of people. Your job as a leader is to care about each person. Today’s guest is Chris Grandpre, co-founder at Conserva Irrigation Franchising. Inc Magazine ranked his company #633 on the 2020 Inc 5000 list and #2099 in 2019. This eco-smart company leads the industry and provides money-saving services to property owners nationwide. Chris and I discuss the power of a culture of caring. We share how caring impacts leadership and culture. A culture of caring will also help you improve your business because people show up for more than just a paycheck.

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