Team Growth Think Tank with William Harris

Employee First Mindset Creates Growth with William Harris at Elumynt

Many leaders across the world believe growth comes by putting customers first. However, fast-growth company leaders look at it another way. Having an employee first mindset is what drives growth. When people feel valued and cared for, they do their work with strong motivation, a deep sense of meaning, and great engagement. Today’s guest is William Harris, founder, and CEO at Elumynt. Inc Magazine ranked his company #1283 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. Elumynt is an award-winning advertising company optimizing e-commerce campaigns around profit to scale clients faster and help them get acquired. In this episode, Williams talks about having an employee first mindset and the seven people of your sphere. He also talks about how they take good care of their people and their loved ones. Employee first mindset may be foreign to you, but it could be the key to new growth.

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