157 | Using Advanced Marketing with Jon Loomer

Jon LoomerTaking your marketing to the next level will take your quality of clients to the next level. Today’s guest is Jon Loomer, who has taken his experience in social media from big brands like the NBA and American Cancer Society to create a powerful business serving those that want advanced marketing. Discover a unique approach to using remarketing that gave him an unbelievable opt-in rate. Jon shares with you what marketing looks like in 2015.

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Target Audience: Serves advanced Facebook marketers who want to utilize Facebook for advertising.

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153 | Digital Marketing: What’s Working Now Episode 1 of 3 Andrew Medal

Andrew MedalI know you’ve seen lots of entrepreneurs out there killing it online through social media. Are you wondering how you can do it too? Well our guest Andrew Medal today tells us how his company Agent Beta helps entrepreneurs do just that! Digital Marketing is a gigantic field and guess what? It’s growing at a super speed like never before. An an entrepreneur, you’ve got tons of tasks you’re juggling, so what are you willing to let go of? Find out why it’s better to hand this off to experts in this field to grow your business without going insane!

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Andrew’s Target Audience: Andrew’s company Agent Beta serves small businesses and all different types of clients including the public sector. There is a big focus on Crossfit athletes as well as media companies.

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