Growth Think Tank with Aaron Anders

Leaders Trust Themselves Even When Uncertain with Aaron Anders at Woo Tungsten

Confidence comes up in all parts of leadership. However, leaders trust themselves because they have to believe they will overcome challenges in front of them. If you are uncertain of the future, the worst thing you can do is sit in doubt. Today’s guest is Aaron Anders, a co-founder at Woo Tungsten. Inc Magazine ranked his company #235 on the 2020 Inc 5000 list. Woo Tungsten is an innovative e-commerce brand for those that love to fish. Aaron opens up to me about his understanding of why leaders trust themselves if they want to create their future. In my years of being an entrepreneurial leader, I know that leaders trust themselves even in times of doubt. Aaron talks about the power of taking action as a way to move forward. Leaders trust themselves even when it is hard and the future is uncertain.

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